Please help! Problem with only one plant!

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  1. I don't want my biggest baby to die. I've read about tons of sicknesses a plant can have and it sounds a little like all of them but not enough like any of them to diagnose it. Here is a picture:

    Please help I don't want my biggest baby to die! :(
  2. hows the water? is there any stem damage? how close is the light?
  3. the light is about a foot and a half away its pointed at it sideways. I've tried puriefied water and tap water, both don't seem to affect it.
  4. what are you watering cycles? Give me your day to day, details on your watering and feeding + light cycle. 0_o

  5. When they first switched to flowering they were drinking a res. about once a day at least every two days, and now it drinks much less so I water much less. However, when it was drinking a lot, I never bothered to change the water because it never lasted long enough. Now, I've been changing the water every 2 days to make sure it isn't getting stale or something.

    I feed them with Tiger Bloom whenever I add water or change the water. The light cycle is from 9:30am to 9:30pm, which where I live right now, it's about to come on in about 10 minutes.
  6. UPDATE: There are red spots growing on the top joint where I cropped it and it splits into two ends. It's like two red dots in between the two stems, what does that mean?
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    how big is the Pot it's in, also.. Put your finger 1/2 inch down or so, and if it's dry water it, I wouldnt let it get completely dry before watering, I water my soil mothers 3 times a day.

  8. It's hydroponic, did you not see the pics of the roots and the res?
  9. If you posted more then just the one picture in your first post, No I don't see them.

    What style of hydro are you doing? do you have a ph/ppm tester?

    Give me the run down on your setup.
  10. could be some disease but it looks horrible bro sorry to see that

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