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please help-probation question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by heartbroke, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. I got busted recently and am on probation. Ive been smoking for about 30 years-never had a ticket, wreck, nothing. Now I'm on probation and I'm really upset. I don't want to quit. Anyone out there on probation. If so how do you handle it? Do you know ahead of time when you report to the probation officer? I just found out recently and haven't been contacted by the probation officer yet. I'm scared.
  2. well not the probation but you dont have to quit, got to trust me its worth it.

  3. can you say anymore. I'm really depressed. I suffer from depression anyway and this has really hit me hard. Like I said, I've never been in trouble before and I can't believe how shamed I've been made to feel. I'm a good person but now I'm a criminal. It's so unfair. It baffles me that our government could care less if I go kill an unborn baby, but I can't smoke a Joint....thats fucked up. (Please no right to choose maniacs giving me shit..Its just an example ok)
  4. You may very well have to give it up for a while. It doesnt matter to them whether you want to quit or not (obviously). It's hard to repeatedly produce a false negative over and over again. I did not quit at first when I was on probation, and I was swiftly sent to jail twice.

    You really have two options, and one grey one. Either quit for the duration and stay free, or take your full jail time so you wont have probation and you will be free when you get out. I really don't recommend smoking on probation.
  5. i am on probation as well and he said once i see the judge im going to start getting piss tests and i have to spend 2 weeks in jail because i was on probation for another stupid and petty citation when i got this possession charge and all i had was like .7 of a gram ! all i know is i ddont want to quit for a year and half after i get out of jail so what do i have to do ?
  6. yo man, you should take a break, its is the easiest and safest way, if u fail a drug test or what not, it will cost you more time and money

    so just do your time, wait, and the bud will be that much more rewarding.

    I know its unjust, its just a fact of life that you get caught, cant change is instantly you know, so you must learn to cope.

    ps howd u get busted man?

    good luck it will be hard but after a week of not smoking, you realize youll be fine
  7. oh if anyone is wondering why i was on light probation before its because this one morning i was leaving my friends house to go home after i had spent the night

    this dick head cop pulls up to me and searches thru my backpack and finds my friends two cans that had not been used (i was taking them to my house to help him out cuz his mom was going to search his shit) it was obvious i didnt use them and that i was telling the truth because he took all the shit out of my pockets i had my contact fluid and my toothbrush.

    but he still took me to the station to FIND OUT WHAT HE CAN CHARGE ME ON in other words he didnt even know what to charge me on, so he gave me a ticket for "possession of spraypaint" which is a bullshit fuckin charge first of all. second of all i wasnt even fuckin doing anything i was walking home and he just decided to search and harass me. so then i got stuck with that bullshit so i got put on probation

    so fastforward to now where i have this bullshit citation for possession of marijuana when it was barelyYyY Y .6 - .7 of a gram and now im fucked. fuck man thats bullshit i have to go to jail for 2 weeks AND get piss tested randomly after !? not to mention the circumstances on which i was cited for this time was BULLSHIT too.
  8. I hate reading how our gov has you guys swinging in the wind for what you put in your own body, but allows pedofife to put their body parts in kids and incert diatribe here.

    It might sound nuts, but guess what? You're already screwed. Meaning: GO TO JAIL. Tell the judge to commute your sentence to real time. He will Balk. Insist. You will have the same record if you do 2yrs on paper or at most 6 months in jail. 6 will fly by. 2 yrs will last forever because you'll smoke and they'll have you. LIFE, choose
  9. I am on probation and i tried all sorts of things to keep smoking and heres what i found out you can beat the system in some cases but not all....i suggest that you get clean before you first DT cause they most likely are going to test you....find out if you going to go in once a month to report cause thats what i had to do once a month you can smoke for a week then quit for three before you go in so you will become clean yea it sucks that you can only smoke for a week but hey you can still smoke always drink water and tea give up soda and beer alcohol and wine is okay cause it helps flush your system out....if you give your self at least 2 1/2 weeks before you go in you can pass.....also if you work out alot thats a good thing cause you will burn off the fat cells that hold in the thc but dont work out 3 days before you go in cause you might have the thc in your blood so give it 3 days to clear out...all the detox drinks i have tried Protox, eclips, and other stuff from gnc and head shops they didnt work i came out positive everytime i am sooo lucky that i am not in prison or in county...or just give it up its not worth jail time unless you just wanna get it over with and take the conviction i would love to do that but i dont wanna lose my job i work at xbox 360 and i cant afford to lose a kick ass job so yeah depends man just try what i said cause its the only thing that has worked for me but like i said it works for me dosnt mean its going to work for you think about you situation and do whats right!! for you and dont go by what other people say cause thats what i got fucked over from but like i said it works for me so you can try it or not take a chance and if you do try it let me know whats up and if it works for you....:smoking:

  10. how do you work at xbox 360...

    do you mean microsoft?
  11. If its once a month you can smoke 2 weeks and clean two. It's really not worth chancing it and doing time though, man. I had to do a court ordered drug testing program and cheated every one. You need to atleast see how they're testing you and if they're watching you before you try that though. That can still be risky, twice I didn't have my temperature come up. I still got out 5 weeks early and 3 weeks earlier than the minimum time.
  12. You can probably still blaze sometimes but just drink lots of water/cranberry juice also you can go to qfc(or look up somewhere that carries them) and purchase some urinary tract vitamins.That should make you able to blaze as long as your careful.
  13. Graff kid? I recently got busted for graff too lol. Got off easy though, just a warning :smoking:
  14. Well it depends on what time of the night you were busted. Middle of the night and a cop sees a lone kid with a bag, of course hes gonna search you.

    Sucks to hear about all you getting caught and having to do piss tests. Always gotta go with the rule of thumb. Never carry any more than you need. I know its a waste but id rather leave a gram or whatever hidden than walk home with it on me. I would much rather give it up for the while than risk it. I would first see how they test you and what not.

    Personally id rather have to check in than be sitting in a cell for MJ, those need to be used for the real criminals out there.
  15. dude it was 9:30 in the morning and i was walking home minding my own business FUCK COPS

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