**Please Help** Platnum Bubba Kush Clones (First Grow) T5 Lights (PICS)

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    So, just picked up 4 of my first clones from the club. This is my first grow ever and im very excited about it! So im here to ask some questions about how they look...

    The clones are only ONE day old from the club. I just transferred the clones into some red dixie cups with organic Happy Frog soil. I watered each cup with 2 arrowhead water bottle caps full, without any nutrients added yet. How much should I be watering them? They have been sitting under my T5 lights for about 3 hours now. The light is about 2 inches away.I have one 7 inch fan blowing fresh air on oscillate. I havent checked the pH level due to not adding nutrients yet. When should I add nutrients, and how much? Are they healthy? What are the white spots (see pic)? and what do the bending of the leaves mean? I just wanted to ask some questions in hope to find some answers.

    **Please leave feedback on the uploaded pictures on what i should be doing or what i shouldnt be doing.

    (Sorry for the Cell phone pictures, I will get better ones later once my camera charges.

    DAY 1

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  2. damn.. i dont know much about growing but i love the platinum bubba. will be looking forward to how they come out.
  3. Bump for the night. Any help or tips are welcome.
  4. the bending of the leaves might be due to lack of potasium, but they young so i could be totally wrong.
    and the white spots might be bugs bro. fix that prob asap!!!
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    The spots were there when I bought them.. I don't think the bugs are in my grow room. If I did bring them back from the dispensary, how can I get rid of them completely?
  6. clones look healthy to me.. i dont know to much about growing but i would love to see what experts say. want to see more pics in the future
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    Day 2:

    I checked on our grow today and we determined our lights were to high and our water meter instructed us to add more water. We added nutrients (1/2 tsp per gallon) Flora Nova phase 1 brand.

    Moved our plants to approximately 12" away and unfortunately we found spider mites with a magnify glass but i believe we found it early enough to the point where a solution can clear up the minor issue.

    The spray name i cant exactly remember it starts with an "A" and its about $60 per gallon

    I'll make sure to continue to update so any advice please feel free to offer up.

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