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  1. Ph 5.8 added nitrozyme 18/6 400w
  2. ok need pics and more info

    like ph5.8 soil or hydro?
    room, lights, how old ect ect
  3. Here's a pic m8

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  4. your ph is way out it needs to be 6.8 not 5.8
  5. Do u think this is the only problem m8 or do u think there could be more thanks again
    Can you give us more info?  What kind of lights are you using?  What soil are you using?  What nutrients are you using if any?  Did you water the plant lately? 
    Sorry, I see the lights are listed in your first post.  Can you still let us know about your soil and any type of nutrients that you are using?
  8. Using m3 soil. at first I thought it was a nitrogen deficiency so I added some nitrozyme but at the same time my friend told me to lower my ph from 7.0 to 5.8 and I'm pretty sure lowering the ph made it worse.
    I also have voodoo juice which I have not used yet
  9. From the pic, it appears that your soil contains no perlite. Perlite is always a great additive to aerate the soil so the roots don't bind up and oxygen is available for the roots. Additionally, it looks like your plant had a bit of a stretching problem in the beginning. Did you have the light to far away? So the stem looks weak. Air flow (i.e. a fan) will help that stem a bit. Don't put the fan directly on it obviously... that stem is way too weak. Your leaves look nute burnt. I see you added Nitrozyne? The plant is a bit too young for feeding since it is in soil. Those roots are still moving about and using the nutrients that are already in the soil. That said... I hope it isn't miracle grow soil. Way to many nute problems can plague cannabis growers. I think you can turn this girl around.
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    Soil medium should be between ph 6.5 - 7.0
  11. Thanks a lot I appreciate your help , what would u advise from now on and at what ph
    I started them on a 150w cfl at half a foot away
    There is a 6 inch inlet fan blowing on them from the bottom
  12. Sounds good. If the leaves jiggle a little, that's enough airflow. Rule of thumb for me is (and I literally just got done doing the same thing in my grow room 30min ago) hold your hand palms down at the same height at the top of your plant. If the the top of your hand is hot after 20 seconds it's to hot for the plant. Adjust accordingly. As for what you should do now.... flush your plant. Flushing sucks. Takes too long. Especially with soil, but ya gotta do it. A good way to give a good flush is use three times the amount of water as is the size of your container. For example.... if you have a 1 gallon container; flush with 3 gallons of water. Be sure your last gallon you flush with is PHed to 6.5 - 7.0. Do the flush slowly as to give the water enough time to come out of the bottom. This is like resetting your system. From there, let's see how the plant responds. Again... if it's Miracle Grow your using, the fertilizer in it is slow release and the plant may bounce back a bit, but can almost guarantee that you'll have to flush again as the nutes tend to be difficult for the roots to absorb and can hinder them when too much builds up. I can be managed... just a little bit more work. You haven't really said what kind of soil it is. That would be helpful.... :confused:
  13. My two previous grows were soil, so I'm pretty sure I can help ya through this. :ey:
  14. It's called m3
  15. thanks a lot m8
  16. Sooooo dang. I looked into this M3 stuff you're using. Not an incredible amount of info. Seems to be some really good organic though. Folks tend to have issues with the M3 running dry on nutes with some strains, but that's not until after a couple months. Then just top dress it with organics to supplement is their fix. So yeah... with all the earthworm poo in that stuff, it's a soil. Keep runnin 6.5ph in my opinion. The ferts you added only compounded whatever ailment you had at first. So for now... we have nute burn and bad ph. What size container are you in?
  17. . I'm in 18 litre pots , I've just flushed the plant pictured so I'm looking to see how that 1 turns out compared to the others
  18. if your ph is under 6.5 or over 6.8 your plant cannot take up any nutes and ot called lock out
  19. Why is there a saftey pin in the stalk?
  20. it is round the stalk as a support

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