PLEASE HELP plants a mounth old and only 5 inches

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    this is my first grow and on monday my plants will be 1 month old and from what i read off of GC they should be atleast twice that size be now but they look healthy there a nice color green can somebody tell me what im doing wrong[/SIZE]

    400w hps
    6 northern lights
    1 super silver haze thats only 2 weeks old 3inches
    started them in 16oz cups and moved them to 3 gallon pots after 2 weeks
    temps range any were from 83-50 depending on time of day
    hummidity 30-50%
    light is 2 feet from the top of the plants
    useing fox farms grow big
  2. I'd say, as a guess, are the leaves all drooping down? Like in a rams horn? If they aren't today - were they at some point?

    In my experience, a slow growing plant in conditions such as you've stated is only caused by either the plant being shocked (such as during a transplant, rip out roots) or dampening (watering when plant did not require it, drowning it).

    Both will cause the plant to stop growing and basically go into 'shock' for a week or even two... add that up and you got your delays.
  3. They stretch a lot too.. i'd lower the light.
  4. Ar 2 feet your lights are too far up at this time. You can lower them to probably 12-14". I'd also get a mh bulb if you're gonna veg for a long time. You can tell they are low as the plants nodes are stretched out.

    I would have kept them in the small cups till they were juts abut root bound. This way you'll have a much harder time over watering the plants.

    Also can't tell because of the light what color the plants re but they look malnourished.

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