Please help! Plant is dying!!

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  1. Hey guys. Can someone please help me with my plants. I put the plants in a soil about a month ago. The soil had Fertilizer in it so I havnt been using any nutes or Fertilizer of my own. So I think the problem is with lacking of nutes but I do not know. Please help. This is what it looks like. The other plants look like this too, but this one stands out the most. 20170803_154334.jpg 20170803_154351.jpg
  2. Need more in depth info on how you tend your plants and your setup. Could be different things.
  3. I've only been using water to water them. Have not been using any nutes in the water. And they started turning like this about 4 days ago.
  4. If i had to stab at it with little to no information based on it being in soil it sort of looks like you may want to try fully leeching your soil. The fully burnt leaf leads me to salt building up. On top of that they do probably need some "N"

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  5. By fully leeching my soil, do you mean fully flushing it? I did that about a week ago. Also, if I'm not using any nutrients, why would there be a salt build up?
  6. Because plants shit salt

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  7. So should I flush them out again? Or try using a little bit of nutrients and Fertilizer?
  8. Since you said you are flushing regularly I think you convinced me you need some food for them instead of shit salt buildup.

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  9. I have fox farm trio and I have 3 plants in 3 gallon pots. How should I start them off?
  10. I'm not familiar with these other then what I read so look for what it says for a regular strength vegatative mix. If you want to be modest go half strength. You're lacking nitrogen so that's the N in your NPK.

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