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  1. Hey guys

    My freind is growing some KC Brains Afghani Special. Here are some details about the plant:

    Age: Around 2 weeks.
    Sex: Regular.
    Temp: Average 75 F.
    Distance from light: Over 15 Inches.
    Light: 400W HPS.
    Light hours: 18/6.
    Soil: 70% Soil, 30% Pearlite, NPK 14-7-15.
    Water: Left out for 24+ hours (Recently found out the PH was like 8.4, I have now started adding small ammounts of lemon juice to bring it down to 6.8).
    Nutrients: None added, only the ones that are in the soil.

    You will see in the images that the leaves look sick. There are yellow streaks on all of the leaves and the plant doesnt look as healthy as another strain being grown. Another worry is that there are another 4 plants of the same strain being grown. One is starting to show the 2nd set of leaves and is looking to be the same color (slightly).

    This is my freinds first grow and he is worried that the PH of the water used before adding lemon juice may have caused the problem. At first they thought it was heat burn, its not as the light has been raised. Maybe its the PH, maybe it needs some nutes. . . . They just dunno what to do and they are worried.

    It looks alot worse under the HPS, pics cant be taken under it, as you get the black lines across the pic.

    Please help if you can. . .




  2. Im growing the same strain now... How did it turn?

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