Please help.. over or underwater?

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  1. Hi guys.. first time grower needing some help!
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    I really can't tell now.. at first I thought it was over-watered so I lowered the water and stopped any sort of feeding but now it's gotten so much worse and it almost looks like its actually under-watered.. so I sprayed a bit water but haven't touched the water level and need to leave for work soon.. please anybody any quick suggestions?

    Here is her short life so far.. :(
    4-24 PM 10 BK.JPG AM 650.JPG AM 940.JPG PM 130.JPG PM 350.JPG PM 615.JPG
  2. My Penelope is 18 days old and looked pretty similar to yours like 3 days ago. I had very low humidity in my tent plus a 16" fan blowing directly on her. At first I thought it was overwatering then root rot then my LED being too close then feeding too little nutes. I think it was a combination of all of those things. I added humidity, went back to CFLs for a couple days, raised the LED, removed the large fan for a much smaller one, transplanted to a well draining 12oz cup and be treated the coco mix cup with nutes.

    Sunday 4/24 image.jpeg

    Today 4/26 image.jpeg

    Is overwatering possible in hydro?
    I'd check your fans, humidity, light distance and possibly, air stones/pump. But I'm a total newb too...
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    Ugh.. so sad not sure what to do :(
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    Thanks for posting man, helps a lot. I reviewed my design and decided to get some new 6' ducting for intake since I had some old 4' lying around and used that instead... so now I redesigned it with 6' intake and also ordered 6' intake fan just to boost it some more. (already have 400cfm fan for a 2x4x5 but.. still pretty high temps.. room temp like 70-72) Have a humidifier sitting right next to intake, all of it being sucked in by intake. Have the light as far high as it can be atm.. pretty far like 20in or so. Airstones are working fine, got the large hydrofarm ones and GH pump has been working perfect with them.

    Went ahead and filled bubba back up to 3 gallons w/ nutes and got humidity up to 40 right now, might lower fan speed to try to get it a bit higher. the new growth is looking pretty good.. the 6' intake seems to be working a lot better.. temps are about 78.. with the extra 6' booster fan coming in soon.. i think it should be perfect

    shit.. just noticed this on kens.. the "good" one..
    IMG_0639.JPG IMG_0640.JPG IMG_0641.JPG IMG_0643.JPG

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