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  1. i got these 2 plants pictured is very strange looking unlike anything i have ever seen lol if anyone can tell me whether its worth keeping or if its salvageable..the second plant i think looks amazing but 2 lowest leave are yellowing and slowly browning to me please :confused:

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  2. Possibly too much water and/or nutrients? I would let her dry up a bit and get her plenty of sunshine. Should recover.


  3. sweet thanks man..they did take alot of rain. and what do u think about that palm tree looking one ? LOL
  4. Increase the amount of sun and they should fill in better. I like to see them all grow!


  5. thanks man...ill upload pix ina week or so
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    looks like too much watering. The poster above is right I think more sun is what's needed. Also no more strong nutes. Try placing some worm castings (1 inch thick couple inches wide frisbee around the stem but not touching) or horse manure or blood meal (use less blood meal). Place toppings on the edges if you will not directly over the root ball.
  7. thanks alot man...should i just leave those yellowing leaves to die on their own ?
  8. I would leave it. They won't come back but the plant will use it til it withers. I'm not sure what the issue is but my 2 c! Good luck.
  9. thanks for all the help
  10. my ph is between 7-8 how can i bring it to lik 6-6.5 ?

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