Please Help Or My Plant May Die :( Yellow, Droopy, And Wilting

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  1. So this pineapple kush sprout is only a week old. I have 2 others in jiffy pots as well with miracle grow seed starting soil in them, but this is the only one exhibiting problems. It's wilting and yellow and the cotyledons are curling and they look burnt, curling up on all edges. Its been droopy from the start, but not this bad. I water once every other day, or if I poke in the dirt and it feels dry. I know MG seed starter holds moisture well. One other was turning yellow, but i gave it some water and it sprung right back. I've already watered this a good bit, i'm afraid more might be overwatering. Please help, theres pics below. It only has 1 set of very small jagged leaves which are dark green. The cotyledons are the only ones affected and it has a droopy stem. Please help me save my plant!


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  2. Could be nute burn. MG is too hot for MJ seedlings usually. Your other 2 might be doing well now...but thats the
  3. hi, I need info in order to help, what kind of light are they getting? are there nutrients in potting soil? perlite?
  4. its just straight mg seed starter soil. and It's vegging under a 150w hps. I would say nute burn, but I've read users saying that that doesn't happen with their mg seed starter stuff. and I've already started 2 others this way that are looking beautiful and have already been transplanted. one other in the jiffy cup has yellow leaves, but like i said, once i watered it, it perked right up. but this one doesnt look like under watering to me. or does it? i poked my finger through the dirt and it feels very dry.
  5. the wilting, yellowing and curling back are all signs of too much heat. where do you have the seedlings placed? indoors or outdoors? if indoors try moving the lights back i'd say (well i coudn't tell you i dont have the info) but i would have my lights maybe 1 or 2 feet from the seedlings. outdoors try to move them to somewhere where its getting shade and sun at the same time. also your watering way too much, when i first read this i thought it was too much water but it may be heat and over watering. you should only water seedlings every 4 days. i went 6 days without watering one of my plants. good luck to you and your plant pray thats its mary jane and not larry jane haha
    have fun while growin, you'll feel so accomplished of yourself when you and your baby get all the way to harvest and hopefully cloning! happy growing and smoking!
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    thanks a bunch for the quick replies. the light is 1 1/2 feet away with a fan blowing in between. Are those pics good enough for you guys to see how the cotyledons are shriveling up? the actual leaves look fine, just dark green and small. and yes, this is indoors. my temps are around 77 to 80 during the day and 69 to 74 at night. my humidity ranges from 30 to 40, but around 35% mostly.
  7. *bump* anybody still there?
  8. the cotyledons are meant to give the plant food whilst it sprouts a baby, then they are supposed to drop off the plant.
    has your plant started pushing them below the top leaves?
  9. Looks dry and cooked mate, plain water no nutes, look into more airflow, get that hot hair out and pull away from the light even more. I'd punch some holes in those pot things to, better off having drainage and watering more then having water sit stale.
  10. The true set of leaves are very small, but they don't have any discoloring, still dark green and a little droopy, but the cotyledons seem to be shriveled and they look bad. I'm not sure, but i don't think the true set of leaves is big enough to push them down. I just watered them some more, just a little spray for the top before they went into night cycle. they're on 18/6 lighting. 
  11. well you shouldn't really be pushing it into 18/6 at such a young age, i did this myself and they ended up dieing
    need to keep em at 24/0 with limited water no nutes and proper soil
    make sure no light leaks, if tipping over a bit stick a tooth pick in there and hold her up while she grows.
  12. how far away is the fan from the plant? the fan should be no where near the plant at this early of the stage of the seedling. what type of lights are you using? day time temps should'nt be up to 80, i would try to keep it at most 75 during the day. and yea as i said before, try moving the light back maybe 1/2 foot maybe to 2.5ft from the seedlings. dont water unless it been 4 days or more, if the fan has levels put it on low and i would probaly say keep it maybe 5 ft away from the plant(s) and dont have it directly on the plant maybe to the side or something. also are you using reflectors? if so what type? and 18/6 light cycle is perfect i had my plant on it since germination (even before the plant broke soil) stop all the waterings. overall i think what you need to controll is your grow rooms temp, watering, maybe some new lights? i think that maybe your lights are producing too much heat and in its cuasing the plants the problems, and if this is be sure to move your lights back or simply investing in some new lights. it will help your plant in the long run and also several plants at a time. also change the fans levels (if it has levels) through its life cycle, you said first week grow right? so change the fan to medium maybe at 4 weeks, 3 weeks if it has recovered and doing very well. and remember you want a short and bushy plant not a tall and spread out plant, even wit a sativa. but keep in mind that dominant sativa is meant to do that and opposite with dominant indica.
    as i said before happy growing and smoking! :bongin:
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    I wish I had a pic. My temps are really fine, guys. The light is 2 feet from the plant. I have a total of 5 other plants in the same spot with no problems. I've read and seen people also who ave temps in the very low 80s all the time. It's really not that hot. Could this be root rot? Or overwatering? I'm sorry, but I know this is not a heat issue. So far you all have told me its underwatered, overwatered, nute burnt, my light schedule is both right and wrong, and my plant is hot. All of this can't be true. I highly doubt nutrient and heat problems. One of my other 5 plants is 10" tall and closer to the light with no problems at all. I have another at the same age and method that had yellow leaves that folded up. A little water and it was fine. This one is shriveling. The leaves are more yellow today and dry. The stem droops at the same spot in the pic, but the jagged leaves are still unaffected and seem to have a grown a tiny amount over night. If this is over watering, I'll just let it dry out. I watered last night before bed, just a mist, but that could be why they got a little worse. If this is root rot or something else, what can I do?

    Edit: also, the fan is on low and no where near my sprouts. Thanks, and happy growing n toking to yourself as well. :)

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