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please help on lighting and setup!! pro's awser plz

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by BBB_BBB, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. ok here what im workin with at the moment!!
    i have about 8-10 cubic vertical space on the apartment deck and about 12 ft vertical!! im needin to buy some lights on saturday and am really needin to know wat lights i should be lookin for and how many? im workin on about 4 plants right now....they have'nt sprouted just yet but should soon. if you have any suggestions plz i would love to hear your exspert advice

    thx all
  2. You'll need to do more research yourself before people will be willing to help you more, all the info you'll need is in the growguide under this post, read it, and then again and again, till you think you've got it, then read some more guides, and it'll all fall into place for you, you'll not need to ask a lot of questions, and when you do it'll be something like.........."can someone show me pics of the FIM technique, as i'm about to try it"..........good luck.........

    i'll help you to start off with just incase this Sat is the only day you can get a light, but like i said a lot of homework will be needed......

    if you are only wanting to grow approx 4 plants, all the space you'll need is approx 3' x 3' = 12'sq.....just make a big box .........at an average of 3000 lumens per sq' you'd need approx 36,000 lumens..........to supply this you'd be best going with a 400w HPS (High Pressure Sodium) light, it'll pump out about 45,000 lumens, more than ample.........

    if you are planning on user a bigger growspace, you'll need a bigger light.............

    Peace out.........Sid
  3. also, if you have 8 - 10 cubic feet and 12 feet high.... that means your grow sapce is about 12" x 6" (accually i think its even smaller).... i think what you mean is 8-10 square feet.... so whats the dimensions of your grow area? is it a square (as sid mentioned) or lpng and skinny, like 2' deep and 4 - 5' wide? cause if its 2 deep and 4 or 5' wide, your gonna either need to use flourecent tubes or multiple smaller growlights (ex. 3x 150w, 2x 400w, or a single 1000w but that pushin it, but ive seen it done) but for a square area it will be best for a single 400w......
  4. well my space is really huge in a way it in like an attic now so its 10ft upward's and if u wanna know the size of the attic thingy its bout 10 wide and but im only growing 4 plants so i wont need the entire space of the attic!! so if im just gonna hang lights directly above the plant wat would be the light to use or should i say light's!!

    thx again all
  5. i answered this question above, right down to the space to make your box, and what light to use.........Peace out.........Sid
  6. BBB_BBB I suggest you learn how to measure, learn math, learn proper phrases for measurements and work on your literacy. Because you said you had "8-10 cubic vertical", "12 vertical" then in another post said "10ft upwards". None of those "measurements" make sense, plus they all contradict the other since they are all "vertical" measurements. Anyway what I'm trying to say is your posts are not easily read or understood. Even though this time around no one told you EXACTLY what you needed to know, just pointed you in the right direction. Next time you may need to be told exactly what you want to know. But how are people going to be able to do that if you can't ask the question well enough for it to make proper sense?
  7. ok well this post is offically over so please no one awnser or reply because most cant seem to just awnser the questions they have to direct somewhere else--so unless you have a direct awnser to--((what light would i use to hang directly over the plant?))--plz dont reply!!

    no thx to those who just b.s'd
    *thx to those who reply'd direct!!

  8. HIGH All, 400w bulb is your answer.
  9. Guess some people just can't see the forrest for the trees!

    the light depends on the growspace, that's what i tried to tell you in my post, so if we don't know EXACTLY what size of growroom you have, we wouldn't be able to tell you EXACTLY what light to use.......we generally use feet squared, all mustard was trying to say was that due to the sizes you provided, it was proving difficult to tell you what light to use.........

    Peace out..........Sid
  10. if your growing in an attic with a 10' ceiling, just build a box 3'x3' x 5 - 6' tall and hang a 400w HPS light right in the middle of it.... kepp the light about 18 - 24" away from the tops of the plants for the first 1 - 2 weeks... then lower the light as close as you can get it to the plants without burning them.... (put your hand at the same height as the plants, and if the light doesnt get really hot onthe back of your hand then its ok for the plants....) thats pretty much it, just to exaggerate on sids explanation.....

  11. No one was bullshiting in this thread, people were given you helpful advice. If you don't appreciate ALL the advice that was given, thats your problem. Next time be a little more precise and literate and you won't have to deal with me given you a recomendation to better your writing and measurements. Or in your words, I won't have to pitch you any bullshit.

    [sarcasm]Because you know, I'm not right.[/sarcasm]
  12. i think we need some sort of sarcasm quotes.... i wondre how you can make wors look sarcastic... heh.... sarcastic... i dont thin i spelled that right...
  13. yeah, you got it spelt right.

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