Please help now!!!?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by growmannow, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Almost done! 7 days I am now counting till harvest so my question is I have seen many great plants trimmed way way down on foliage during growing. At this late time would it hurt to trim out all the leaves not on the buds? and some on them too? Least it will help with any molds that could be lurking but don't want to scare the ladies into something like reqrowth and lose trics at this point... Thanks.. Hurry please.. Want to do it like right now if ok....
  2. You mean pulling off all the fan leaves and leaving the buds? Dont do that. No point. Just wait the week, and chop it down. Post some pics.
  3. to many leaves!! Lots of bud probably like 1400 grams. Want no mold!! Not from the buds mostly but some bunching leaves off some. ???

  4. Post pics. If you think the leaves are doing harm by being there, then take em off. It couldnt harm the plant if your cutting it down in a week anyway.
  5. And 1400 grams is 3 pounds.... You think your gping to yeild 3 pounds off one plant?

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