Please help,No sprouting after 4 days

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  1. Hi guys,
    This is the only place I feel I'll get the right answer.
    I dipped my seed in a glass of water and it was at the bottom of the glass when I looked at it after 18 hrs.
    Then used the paper towel method and the seed cracked open with a small tail.
    I prepared my grow tent using organic soil + perlite in the ratio 70-30.
    Watered my soil until it was following out of one end, left it for one day and sowed my seed half a inch the next day.
    I out in the soil with a small tail at the end of it , probably between half and a cm.
    My grow tent conditions are 85F and moisture at 90%.

    There is sprouting yet , can some one help me where I'm going wrong?
  2. did you take the seed from the paper towel to the soil? or was the seed "laying out" while you waited for your soil?
  3. It was lying in paper towel until I put in the soil the next day.
  4. It was lying in the paper towel until I decided to put it in the soil the next day.
    I wanted the tail to grow more , but I don't think one day extra made any difference.
  5. If it didn't grow at all in 24 hours, the seed just may be off. I don't think your conditions have much to do with it.
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  6. Another soaking/paper towel method failure.
    Rapid Rooters - foolproof - no pre-germination required - just stick in hole.
    10 for 10 within 3-4 days last time.
    4 days from planting.JPG

    Welcome to GC. :)
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  7. What
    What Is rapid rooters ?
  8. J
    Just checked it out, this looks some serious business.
  9. But my conditions good ?
    85*F and 90% humidity
  10. They are starter plugs for seeds and clones. I've been using them for over 25 years and I rarely have a seed that doesn't sprout.
    rapid rooters.jpg

  11. Sounds like you probably drowned it. Don't ever submerge cannabis seeds in water, they require a lot of oxygen to do well. You're far better off sowing the dry seed in to lightly dampened soil. Or starter cubes like Mick has pointed out.

    They may well bounce back now they're out of the water but it usually gives them a slow start in life
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  12. This is how i germinate my seeds, leave them in a cup of water. Works very well for me and much quicker than any other method ive tried. I germinated all 14 (100% rate) of my current plants in a solo cup with water. I planted them once they all had taproot like the pics and now they look like last 2 pics. Not sure why it should never be done? Only time i never had seeds germinate was when i used peat pellets. Mind you they were all same strain from royal queen seeds so who knows. 20190624_111604.jpg 20190623_145003.jpg 20190830_005723.jpg 20190830_005709.jpg
  13. I mean i understand seeds need oxygen as well but some seeds are able to germinate under water and some seeds are not. I have found based on my success that cannabis is in fact a seed that can be germinated in water.
  14. Personally I just plant my seed in moist soil. You do not need rapid rooters, cups of water or moist paper towels to germinate a seed, you can but totally 100% unnecessary.
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  15. Yeah the strongest ones survive if they aren't submerged long enough to kill them. That's still not a reason to do it. I put my dry seeds in damp soil and they show their face within 48 hours. I've seen people soak for 24 hours, then put it in soil and wait another 48 hours for the plant to show and then wonder why it's growing so slowly. There is just no benefit from soaking and you risk making the plant sickly or even killing it
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  16. Bruv please help, you are the one saviour I was looking for.
    My seed
  17. My seed looked exactly the same when I planted it.

    What was the time frame of your seed sprouting into life and find pic of my soil composite.
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  19. How long did it take for them to show above soil when you tried this method I just did the same thing I'm curious thanks

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  20. Couple days. What do you mean tried? This is the most common way that seeds are sprouted. Only pot growers go out of their way to do a bunch of unnecessary stuff. Cannabis seeds are no different then any other seed.

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