Please idea whats going on.

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  1. Hey all, please have a l look at pics...Its getting worse by the day ...I have posted pics in sick plants but noon seems to know.

    Air temp: 75-80
    water temp: 68-70
    GH: flora nutes - at the moment 33%
    400 watt hps...

    So it keps getting worse and worse. The big plant in the back is female, 10 days of 12/12 ....Please help or suggest what to do. Do i cut the bad leaves off?

    I was hoping to clone this girl, but there doesnt seem to be any good healthy clone spots...

    Thanks all

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  2. What's the PH of the water and how do the roots look?
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    PH is always between 5.7 and 5.9. The roots look very good. Very white with a tinge of redish brown (very light) same colour s nute solution. Noone seems to know what the problem is?

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  4. The only thing that i can think of is the temp in the room, i would say its to hot. Are they real dry and do the fingers of the fan leaves basicaly just break off when you touch or bend them alittle? Fan leaves will curl down like that when they are trying to spread heat off of them, saying that, leaves will also tacco upward or fold up and bend in when it is to cold when they are trying to collect heat.
    It could be a combo of the water temp and the room temp, although everything does look fairly normal. Whats the humidity in the room, is it real dry in their and is their any circulateing air? I would try to keep a good flow of fresh air comming in especialy when the lights are on and drop the temp a good 5 degrees and see if that does anything for the positive in the next few days.
  5. Temps might be right like our pal satan here says. I'm thinking over-nutes or a pH imbalance though.
  6. unfortunately due to the nature of them room, i can only have a fresh air flow coming in when lights are on. I dont know how else to get the air cooled in there....i have pulled the light back about 10 inches. Im hoping this helps. If things dont get better soon im just going to ditch them .. and replan and havea o again. Maybe a tent with some good inline fans and a cool tube all that jazz.....frustrating...they were doing so well.
  7. Well its not a bad thing to only have air comming into the room when the light is on, since most of the heat is created when the light is on considering its a HID. Getting any fresh air in their would be a plus though, it wouldnt matter when the air comes in. I would try to get a fan in their just to get some air movement at least if their isnt one already in their. That along with a couple hours of fresh air a day i think should fix your little problem in no time. No need to trash the grow and start over becuase of the small issue bro.
  8. First, why in the hell would you ditch them? They look healthy as a horse! I don't get new growers! "Zomg I have one bad leaf on an otherwise beautiful plant I'm killing it!!! RAAAGGEE"

    First of all relax...

    The number one mistake of new growers? Over reacting to every single little thing that is happening, and then freaking out. You realize if you flip those babies now you're going to ahve some wonderful bud right?

    Second of all, if you don't have them flowering yet do so. You have wayyyy too much plants in such a confined space, you're setting yourself up for some bud rot problems. Flip her to 12/12 like, right now, yesterday, last week even!

    Third, try doing something simple like getting a box fan and just putting it on medium or so, and blowing it on her. You'd be surprised that even if you're just recirculating the same air in the room, you're still blowing it around so it's not static and making hot spots. Especially with the amount of thick vegetation you got there. Move the fan about 5 feet away, and just have it blowing over the canopy. Stagnant hot air problem solved.

    Fourth? Stop freaking out, you have beautiful plants, cutting them down is bad karma, and also... stupid!
  9. Also, go pick up some calmag or magical something like that, and follow the directions. It won't really hurt your plants, and it won't burn them either when mixed with your other nutes.

    Box fan + magical + patience = dank bud.
  10. Sweet. Thank you for all the advice and tips to try. Hopefully all works out. They have been on 12 12 for 10 days now. I know that they're are too many plants for that area and that is a mistake I made that I will not make again. Next time I plan on doing a rdwc with 5 gallon containers.I think this tote with multiple net pots is a huge pain. Anyway thanks again for the tips and advice. Ill see it through. And trust me I couldn't ditch these beauties if I tried. I don't even know if ill be able to cut em at harvest.
  11. im just throwing this out there but maybe a few air stones in the water

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