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  1. i have a 2x4 tent multiple fans and tenperature and humidy device charcoal filter i germated the white widow auto the same exact time as the pineapple auto planted same time used sohum organic soil that says it has all the nutrients already in it just add water , this is week 5 only 4 more according to the website i bought of before harvest . i keep my water ph between 6.2-6.8 and just a could days started adding big bud advanced nutrients just a few drops per gallon i wanter ever other day my pineapple auto has buds all all starting but my white widow has nothing and slower grower i read that i should not prune autos becuase the have such a short life cycle they could be stunted i have a 300 w full spectrum led light and a fissioning 4000k light i switch the plants about every 4 days to the different light i really dont want to mess it up im always ecxited to get off work just to see the progress. i dont know much sone say i should flush in the last 3 weeks sknekne please lay some mnowledge kn me do they even look healthy?

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  2. The leaves curling down is a sign of nute burn. Go easy on the nutes. I think you need some more light, because with the lip you have on the sides it’s blocking the light getting to those lower leaves.
  3. when u say more kights my 300w led full spectrum and my 400k fissioning isnt enough so back off afmddibg the xtra nutes too?
  4. You have 2 different strains, they are not going to grow identically.

    Even if they were the same strain you can have 2 different phenotypes that grow completly different.

    Your 300 watt led probably isnt 300 watts. Manufactures tend to list the wattage the diodes can handle but they're ran at less so the diodes last longer. Look and see what the actual draw of the light is.
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  5. when the plants un under the 300w full soectrum seem to do better than the fissioning 4000k do the loo healthibg what about prung? abd is it to late in the gane to add more light it stays about 79f with 4 fans and the door cracked open un my basement cellar
  6. so shoyld i flush my plants? and buy a better light,
  7. Can you read this? I can't. Some of it isn't even real words, just letters thrown together.
  8. sorry i was speak texting when the plants are under the vivosun 300w full spectram they seem to grow faster so i switch the two plants every 4 days to my other light the fissioning 4000k , do the plants look healthy to you? and whats your thoughts of pruning. and is it too late in the game to add more lights to the tent right now i have 5 fans blowing keep the tent door cracked open and its in my basment where its cooler. it stays 79f and about 35% humity
  9. Just relax dude.

    Give the smaller one a slight flush. You’re feeding too heavy.

    wait to flush them because autos are going to need those nutrients. watch the leaves and the buds. there is a lot of info out there on how and when to flush.

    I’m not knowledgeable on grow lights, another member is going to have to help you out on that one.
  10. The leaves are a sign of burn up. Go easy on the nute burn. I think you want a little more light, as with the lip you have on the sides it is obstructing the light getting to those reduced yields.
  11. i cut the fabric lip off so ligh should get everywhere no i have 2 diff lights still joy enough

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  12. Don’t give anything but water till the leaves flatten out, u screwed up by using all inclusive (nutrients added) soil, I’ve done it but that being said don’t give them anything until they start looking like they need it
  13. shoulcmd i do a flush and when i said ami added nutes it was 1 tine a few drops mixed in my ph 5.3 water

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