please help!!! need to ruduce ordor in my grow room!!

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  1. i have a grow room that is disguised as a fridge its main ventilation is a whole in the top of the fridge i need to know what can i do to this fridge to at least lesson the smell..........................any suggestions would help
  2. Does it have a freezer?
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    1. carbon scrubber

    2. odor neutralizing lights

    3. Ona products

    4. ummmm someone else got any ideas?
  4. Its cut completely through the fridge and through the freezer thats why no one would suspect lol
  5. Bummer I was going to trade you the answer for ice cream.:D

    Where is the freezer located? Garage, outside,
    Could you install a vent hole off the back.
    I have to be honest small grows are not my specialty.
    How much room is there at the top of the freezer?
    Is there room for a small carbon scrubber at the of the freezer inside.
    Scrub air then send it through the top vent. You could also install some fridge cabinets above it and run an external scrubber. (charcoal)
    What are you doing about cooling. (just a fan at the top?)

    One more thought. build a drawer to seal your outtake at the top. mesh the bottom of drawer and install carbon. DIY style. I was kinda hoping someone else could have helped. Like I said I usally build big shit.

    Just a couple ideas.:rolleyes:

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