Please help - need to know asap.

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  1. Is it true that when you're germinating seeds if the root tip (white thing) grows longer then a half inch it's not viable, and won't sprout if you plant?
  2. Are you sure? I germinated six seeds and three of them are nice and short and then the other 3 are over a half inch long. I need to know for sure, because it's a waste of my time to carry an extra 3 pots and a bag of soil if they're not going to sprout.
  3. They are going to sprout. I have no idea where you heard it but it's completely false.
  4. I heard it in a growing video I watched on YouTube, damn good thing I checked here first, I was going to throw those seeds out. (3x Early Skunk feminized)

    Thanks guys! :smoking:
  5. In my experience of germinating hundreds of seeds:

    If the tap root is very long and curved 180 degrees like it sometimes does just place it in the pot and position the root down, it will grow just fine. I have heard of people saying that too.

  6. Thanks man.:smoke:

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