Please help! Need to get friend high!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by When??, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I've got a friend who's only smoked twice, failures each time. The first it was him, my other friend, and me. He only took two real actual hits where he began to cough and it actually got in his lungs, but he said he felt absolutely nothing. The second time he smoked a bowl with two other people and he actually was coughing and stuff each hit but he still didn't get high.

    Today he gave me 5 bucks and I'm going to get some bud to him tomorrow, but I want to ensure that he'll get high tomorrow. I know he was actually inhaling to his lungs the second time, and at least two hits the first. I really don't want him to lose his faith in the green! Any help is hugely appreciated.
  2. I was planning on smoking out of a water bottle/foil bong since my pipe broke the other day.
  3. smoke nug
  4. get at least 2 gs of some dank youll both be blasted
  5. Some people don't get high until their 5th time or so. Make sure he is inhaling. The first 10 times or so I didn't get high cause I wasn't inhaling.
  6. Can I tell he's inhaling properly when he begins to cough? The only real way I can tell is if I'm inhaling myself.
  7. If he was coughing, I would think he is inhaling, but I don't know for sure. Just tell him that right when after you take your hit, suck in some air (inhale).
  8. Did you ever think about making some firecrackers or brownies? You only need to know how to eat to get high off your ass on those...
  9. Alright I'll watch for it Itoke, thanks.

    Zero, I wanted to do that but I don't have enough money for it now, and neither of us wanted to wait until next week for him to get high.
  10. You could always mix it with hookah and smoke it that way.
    I know all my friends and I get super baked off that shit fast.
  11. make a gravity bong. and wtf man 10 times? i got high the first time a smoked. it was out of a blunt. and i have never and will never smoke anything besides weed in my life.

    i guess im just a natural :hello:
  12. 2nd timer, it was definitely the procedure and my unwillingness to smoke a lot.

    I would get more then 5 bucks worth. Get a Dub and keep smoking until he feels something legitimately.
  13. Like everyone else said, just make sure he is actually inhaling it..I didn't get high till my 2nd time because I didn't know how to inhale ><

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