Please help! Need new heating element!

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  1. Hey guys, I've looked EVERYWHERE and I can't find just the heating element for my phantom vaporizer. I had a Fuji for 2 and a half years and loved it, we'll worth the money, then it went out ( no big surprise, it got used all day everyday) so I bought a phantom and after 6 months the heating element went out. I tore my old one apart and took apart the air pump, cleaned it and put everything back together so I don't think changing the element will be to hard. Does anyone know where I can buy one? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys
  2. Wrong. It IS a big surprise because most well made vapes, even if used all day every day should last a LOT longer than 2 years, like 2 to 3 or 4 times that long, a LOT longer than 2 years even if used all day, every day.

    The problem is that you keep going for these Volcano knock-offs.

    Just wanting to set the record straight for anyone looking to buy a vape that if you buy a well made vape from a legitimate manufacturer that has at least a 2 to 3 year warranty, your vape should last a very long time.

    Regarding your heating element, have you tried contacting the manufacturer or distributor?
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    If I could afford a $600 vaporizer do you really think I would have gone for the $120 plastic knock off? I've smoked volcanos for years and my Fuji did just as good. No one in there right mind would argue that a volcano isn't better than a plastic Fuji but no one would argue that $600 to $800 for a vaporizer is ridiculous! I loved my Fuji, so what it lasted 2 years, it was only $120. I have bongs that cost way more and no bong will net you more THC and provide the cleanest smoke, not to mention the ton of money I saved on bud. Not to be a dick but I need help finding a part, not a lesson on why a volcano is better,everyone has known this forever.
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    READ what I wrote. I NEVER said that you should have purchased a Volcano instead.

    What I said, in essence, is that if you buy a legit vape from a legit manufacturer, it should last a LOT longer than 2 years, and those vapes can be had for a WHOLE lot less than the price of a Volcano. If you like to get your vapor from bags, why not get an Extreme or an HerbalAir which are manufacturers that will actually stand behind their product.

    But back to my original question. Have you tried to contact the manufacturer or distributor regarding your heater replacement and if so, what was their response?
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    Then why bring it up? Read my post, I didn't ask for your opinion on a vaporizer or if mine was bad, I asked about a part, that's it. If you dont know where to get the part then why write on this thread?
    There is no warranty on this unit, but I knew this when purchased. I guess l will have to find a good vaporizer that isn't a volcano, but until then I need to get mine fixed so I can enjoy.
  6. I had a guy at a new local shop try to sell me a Phantom vape for like $180, but it looked pretty bad in terms of quality

    I went and bought a Da Buddha somewhere else for $160 (and its cheaper elsewhere too) and it'll last me 5 years no problem

    Only place you're going to get the element is the manufacturer. Find their contact info/website and call them on Monday, otherwise you're in trouble

    Time to buy a 7th floor product or an Arizer product
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    I am actually helping you as well as others who may be reading this thread. Buying a knock off vape from a Chinese manufacturer puts you in a situation where if something happens with their product, you are kinda left out there on your own..........kinda like you are now. A manufacture or distributor SHOULD be able to either get you the part you need or at least point you in the right direction as to where you will be able to get a replacement.

    The lesson here for others as well as yourself is not to purchase knock offs in the first place.

    While I may not have been able to give you the answer you are looking for, the answer that I did give should help others from making the same mistake.

    If the manufacturer or the distributor can't help you find the part you need, I doubt if ANYONE here could help you find the part you need.

    Regarding your comment that I am a "know it all dick", I've been accused of that before, but as long as I can help others out here, I'm ok with that.
  8. Thanks Mr., I thought I might have to just thought mabye someone has run into this and found a solution. I will take a look at Da Buddha,I've heard a lot of good things about it. Thanks again man!
  9. I know iwein, that's why I edited my shit. I'm just pissed I can't find a replacement and I don't have the money for a new one right now, so now I can't vape, even cheap vape. Thanks for helping though.

  10. Understood. When you're ready to make your next purchase, if ya need some advice, please come back and ask, either here or over at People here and there are a pretty helpful bunch.

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