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  1. Ok hey folks. I need some info and advice with a solo cup grow i wanna do. I was doing a grow on here and a week into flowering. After a month of veg and both plants were males. Well my seeds are random seeds from a few dank lbs from last year. I dont know if they are male or female. Heres whatvi need advice on. Is it fesable to do 5 solo red cups in eacth of my chambers which are 17 1/2 deep 19 1/2 wide and 23 inches high. I was even thinking ten each. I need good odds to get fems.... please advise me!!!!
  2. Here is my grow cab.

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  3. Bump....
  4. Hey Jonny.
    Well here is an idea. You could try squeeze 6 cups into one side, let them grow a bit before you top them and the put those tops into 12/12 in the other chamber. You would also need to keep those tops nice and humid, this would probably be the quickest way to sex your plants. Just keep track of which top is which and don't let light leak in between chambers, will mess up your 12/12.
    Hope this helps.
  5. Man, what you guys are doing with microgrows is just too cool. Good luck with it.
  6. Did someone say solo cups? Hell ya bro squeeze as many as you can in there! I got a tiny ass cab but i plan on squeezing 32-50 small plants at varying stages in my cab. Heres one side of it, i reorganized the other day and have room for about 12 more on this side of the cab. Sorry for photo bomb lol

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  7. Dude no prob that pic gives. Me biiiiig hopes!!!! Thanks big time for the advice!!! Btw whats the whole deal about needing to trim roots ?? Im tryna find out the essentials before i use a bunch of seeds..
  8. Thats a grand idea though its to much to light proof the chambers from one another i have a middle fan the carry air from one into the other.
  9. Actually i forgot my fans at the bottom so it feasible. But i was thinking about stuffing both sides... ?? Oh and should i only veg for two weeks before flowering or less...or more???
    General rule would be to wait until they get half way up in your grow space, since they usually double in size when you flip over to 12/12, keep in mind a safe distance from your lights. It would probably be a little more than two weeks.
  11. And whats with root trimming?
  12. Subbed! I was wondering what happened? Damn Nanners! Well, nothing wrong with a fresh start my friend. I'm praying you get better results this time!!! Or at least save your coins so you can buy at least one fem.. Just my .02 because I see BIG BUDS in your future my friend!
    You have a good space. You could fit a good amount of solo cups in there. If you grow a lot, you won't have to force them into 12/12 but if you grow a chosen few and force at least you know you'll make it to the end without any surprises. I can't wait to see you what you decide.

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