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please help, need advice from residants of south africa

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by G13haze420, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I've been smoking since I was 14 and for all 6 years I've lived in pretoria, but my dealer was a good bud of mine and he would deliver for evry buy, so I never reely had to buy on the streets, but now I'm moving to hoedspruit...its fucking beautifull there, and I'm sure I can grow some good herb, but my problem is I have no idea how or who to buy from on the streets, and I don't wanna get fucked over because these guys see that its my first time buying on the streets....any one know any good places to buy or at least tell me who to ask and what to say to make sure I get the best quality....and also what's the minimum/maximum to pay for some proper dank on da streets
  2. Is hoedspruit near any big cities, if it is you can take a drive and find some there.

    I live in Joburg and I get a bankie from R80 to R200 depending in how rare the strain is

  3. Hoedspruit is 4 hour drive from where I am now, at the moment I'm at a buds place in brynston-joburg
  4. act like you know what's up and act like you know prices and weight and sheit
  5. I used to get a ball about the size of a small cricket ball of some sweet mango cronic from my guy in pta
  6. For 100 rand
  7. But how much is it for what amount of weed in SA
  8. People in Africa have internet??!?!
  9. No...I'm sending smoke signals to a guy in australia who's typing for me...I also hunt for my food with spears....
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  10. Dude....reely.....I blame the media for your low opinion on africa
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Anyways, back to the topic...I reely need help guys I got serious insomnia, and I can't sleep without a jount before bed

  13. i also blame the media for this individual's opinion

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