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    Okay, long story short my boss has laid me off because the warehouse I manage and another one of his warehouses that I have nothing to do with came down with a serious plant illness and we can't figure out - There is still an opportunity to get my job back, right now I'm working for free trying to figure out how to heal the plants. It's really nothing I did (I don't think), and if it is someone please tell me. I will attach some pictures. This "disease" started with a few plants (a particular strain we brought into our grow room). Then it seemed to spread onto another strain, then another strain, until eventually my entire grow room was infected. This entire time I Was trying different things, I Was trying uping the Magnesium if our nutrients, I just started trying flushing out with epsom salt water. I've looked under a microscope for bugs I don't see any. The weird part, is my warehouse uses a drip system with groban 8x8 cubes, and the other infected warehouse uses a flood and drain vital system which is completely different with organic nutrients. My original thought was that this was a contagious disease, but my boss didn't believe me, now they are started to wonder if my original intuition was correct. We are stumped, and my boss has been doing this for a long time, SOMEONE SAVE MY LIVELIHOOD!!!! Symptoms are... Curly leaves, lime colered tops, stunted growth, weird flowering patterns, purpleish stems....
  2. Might wanna buy a camera.
  3. sory, here are pics bro...

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  4. Im sorry ta hear about yer predicament man.

    I know for sure, its none of the Mosaic Viruses.

    I am very stumped. It looks like a total micronute deficiency.

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    your guys's pH meter didnt break or anything right? the first step i would take would be to calibrate everything; ec/ph pens, nutrient injectors, everything. if you dont find anything strange there, than you know its not your equipment.

    pathogens can easilly spread from plant to plant in systems like that. my guess would be to start with your root zone. pythium is the most common fatal plant disease among flood floors and rockwool because it can spread so easilly. botrytis is usually more prevailent, but that is easy to get rid of. you can try using H202 with them to give em a good cleanin'. usually if i find a poinsettia with pythium i just throw it out....

    thats if it is pythium, though. im not really sure, either.

    ide hit it with the H202 just to see if it can kill any pathogens in your medium (rockwool, calcined clay, ect.) if it doesnt work than you gotta let the plants work it out of themselves. honestly if the H202 doesnt work your SOL. hopefully some will fight it. hopefully your boss will realize how much of a douche he is and give you your job back, too.
  6. maybe it's not a 'catching' kind of thing, but rather all of them got injured by something obvious, but the new clones showed the stress first because of transplant issues?

    I had a city-wide water source change that tripped me up once that sounds like that. The water was sooooo hard, so high calcium level, that it locked out all the magnesium, potassuim, nitrogen (didn't know you could do that) and left my plants looking like crap in three days. Might see what your water is hiding. Just take a few drops and dry it on a mirror or glass, if it leaves a lot of chalky residue, might be it.

    Also check and see if someone starting adding 'super-thrive' to anything, it's the major cause of sudden death around here.

    Open one of your grodon cubes and look at the at the roots, colour, smell, size.

    It does appear to be virus/cold season for plants... a number of people, including me, have tossed a few plants out recently.

    Post a pick of a broadleaves without HPS lighting if able, we'd all like a better look.
  7. Thank you everone for the feedback and suggestions I'm forwarding your replies to my managers and I'm being told we're doing what we can to keep my job and heal the plants. Yes skunk the clones are now showing stress because the mothers are now showing symptoms but it wasn't like that at first. Everything just seemed to get worse over time, and it all started about 3 months ago with a strain called 'Malaskan Thunderfuck' that was brought into my grow room from an external site. It could just be coincidence (in fact this is what my manager told me at the time), but this was the first appearance of the symptoms, then it spread to 'Warlock'. Then 'Blue Dream' and 'Pure Kush caught it next. Now slowly but surely my whole grow room got infected. The younger the plant the more vulnerable it seemed, and I've never been able to heal anything that caught it. Keep the ideas coming though I'm going to try everything and when someone works I'll share with community because I appreciate people taking the time to look into this predicament. I will try to get better pictures under a microscope too. I'm keeping a positive attitude through this and I'm not scared because I've saved up a little to survive on while we sort this out. NEVER TAKE THIS INDUSTRY FOR GRANTED! I told my boss he was expanding too fast and he should slow down but I think it went in one ear and out the other. He learned his lesson is more wise and will listen more. He's a really good guy and great to work for we just gotta tie up this lose end and I plan on working in this industry in California for a long time even if I have to scrap everything and get a fresh start. But I would love to heal my kids....
  8. try feeding spring water for a week clean ur system. and I thought u said it wasn't ur room that got sick but the other one. really looks like nutelockout.
  9. no sorry my grow room AND our other grow room got sick. mama's and clones were being shared between these grow room and like I Said it all started when a new strain was brought into my grow room from an external grow room/. Now I'm being told it could be a fungus called 'Physarum' and T-Rex from cutting edge solutions will help. I'll keep yall posted...

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