Please help, my flowering plant is very sick

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  1. I'm growing wwxbb in coco using two 600 watt LEDs, I'm also using fox farm nutrients as scheduled but in one half gallon per day feeding. Shortly after inducing flowing, I've noticed a rusty color on my leaves that seems to be spreading, the tips of the leaves are starting to point upward on some as well. I don't want to lose my plant. Please help. Here are some photos.

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  2. You over nuting? How close to the light are tge leaves

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  3. Thanks for the reply. I don't think I'm over nuteing as I've been on this schedule for a few weeks now and it follows the instructions given with the products but I'll try reducing them by a couple hundred parts per million. For the lights, I'd say roughly 4-6 inches but leaves on the very bottom are also experiencing the rusting.
  4. Looks like light burn. Check the specs on your lights - usually LED's need to be 18 - 24"
  5. LED's burn hotter than other kinds of flower lighting, so you need to make sure your lights aren't too close AND that you have good solid air movement going around your plants at all times...over and above any intake/outflow you might have with fans, etc. elsewhere. You need to post a picture of the whole plant under natural lighting and some close ups of the affected areas. Old growth will die off throughout the plant's life. No big deal. If you are having issues with new growth, then there is actually a problem. But repost some clear pics under natural lighting. Also...when growing in soil, you have to account for the nutrients contained in the soil when deciding whether your plants even need food (nutrients) or not. If the color of your foliage (leaves) overall is a very dark green, then are feeding when you don't need to. A healthy MJ plant will have foliage that is a nice rich blue/green color. If varies from that, something is off. Repost and we'll see if we can figure out what your problem is. TWW
  6. Well for example I only use half nute strength with AN nutes but I would be more leaning towards light issues

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  7. Also I have a fan blowing at the lamps so I have found that helps alot

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  8. Most LED's have UV LED's in them too - aside from just heat - that UV too close will burn no matter how many fans are blowing on it
  9. Here is the best I could do with natural light. I've lowered the ppms per feeding but I think it's too early to tell if that was the issue just yet.

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  10. What brand is your light and have you raised it?
  11. Looks to me like both nute and light burn

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