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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sasjod, May 9, 2004.

  1. Ok i was wondering if it mattered what kind of seeds you use when growing a plant cause im confused isnt it if you treat the plant well it wont grow out as shwag or will it no matter what???PLEASE HELP ME IM VERY CONFUSED
  2. wow i've never seen "please help me" and "fuck you alot bitches" in the same post.... good luck
  3. lol i had nuttin alse to write so sum1 please help me
  4. HIGH All, it depends on the strain..some are better than others.
  5. so if i have a shwag seed and treat it good when i am germinating it will it come out as chronic and i grow it in a nice place good light E.T.C?
  6. I guarantee it wouldn't turn out as chronic, unless you let the strain go for a while, inbreeding and whatnot. It could, under the right conditions, produce some high mids, maybe even semi-danks.

    Where is it that you actually get schwagg seeds? Nobody around here has schwagg; only danks. Hey, I'm not complaining, though.

  7. um where can i get better seeds ive planted plants before but i just didnt know all that stuff about it?
  8. Lycanthropy what do u mean let the strains go out for a little while?

  9. Hi shorty

    you lost me wheres it say "fuck you alot bitches" im looking and i cant see hasnt been edited and to make it worse he ses sorry he was bored....

    wats going on with my eyes.........???

  10. In saying "let the strains go for a while," I was insinuating inbreeding your best males & females for a few generations, producing seeds of higher and higher quality over time.

  11. jay bell.... it said it by his location, he edited his location. But it really wasn't a big deal.

    Ok dude here's the deal growing is about 60 percent genetics, 20 percent right grow conditions and 20 percent curing. That's what makes good bud.

    Find (or search for his website) and look at seeds you can order, he's very trust worthy and I happen to be a happy customer myself.

    Go to and read the faq's untill it makes your brain hurt.

    That's about all the advice I can give you right now.

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