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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by silent18, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Yesterday i went and dig out one of my plants and planted it in a pot
    I damaged some of the root but not the main few (roots)will this affect the growth and can i flower my plant with cfl-s and how much will i need them if i was going to do that?take a look at the pics!!!thanks

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  2. any transplanting will stunt growth a little, dont worry. yes u can flower useing cfl's, use 2700k bulbs (warm white), & its recomended to have 100w of light per plant, or a minimum of 5000 lumens, but more is better, & keep the cfl's as close as possible.
  3. I was still wondering how much bud can i except from a plant that looks like that?it is a female i know that,but i mean how much can i yield i put it under 12/12 today and how much will i have to wait?I know i sound a little unexperienced but i have never growed indoors only outdoors and i know alot about outdoor growing and i am interesting about growing under led lights and i am hoping that i will do it next year under led so if anyone have any reading about led please give me links or something.Thanks

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