Please help me with my germination :(

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  1. For almost two days now, I have been trying to germinate my seed. [i only have 1, so it is important that i can get it to work--i dont have access to any more]. In the beginning, i put the seed in water for about 1 full day, I then moved to the paper towel method, putting the seed in between a few wet paper towels, in a plastic bag, and in between a bowl and a plate . So far nothing has really happened! Is it just a bad seed? The towels are around room temperature, maybe a little colder. Is there anything I can do to ensure germination?

    Thank you!
  2. Heat to between 75 and 90 depending on strain
  3. ^^^^This is good advice.
    Are you sure it was a viable seed? Good ones look like this:
    Immature ones look like this:

    Is it your only seed? If not maybe try another one?
  4. It looks like the immature one.
    However, not green.
    I did not buy this seed, I got it off of a previous bud.

    Below are pics of the seed.

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  5. Yeah, looks fine. Try planting it in moist soil, that way, if it pops great, if not then you have a pot of soil ready for another one. I don't use the paper towel method myself, just soak until it sinks, then into soil!

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