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Please help me with info on my shitty pipe

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tre_flip300, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. so i got this shitty overpriced pipe from a local store and the hole in the bowl is waay to big. iv been thinkin about just throwin a screen over it but i thought there might be a way to fix it somehow. i also have no idea where to get a screen that would work. window screen?lol. it has a carb. im not really sure if it matters but please tell me if i am wrong about being able to fix it. thanks
  2. im assuming its glass, they make glass screens or you could get a new, good piece

  3. If ya just want to smoke from it try tinfoil,push the tinfoil in the bowl and wrap it around the base of bowl like the pic i show,
    I dont have my spoon handy but my glass bong has a glass bowl :smoke:
    then make hole as big as you want...

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  4. thanks, ill definetly try the tinfoil thing for now and yes it is glass. has anyone ever heard of smoking out of tin foil being bad for you somehow. like its toxic when its heated and you suck in the fumes or somthing? also im thinking of somehow pluggin part of the hole with somthing. i did have a big seed in there for a while but i sucked too hard and i ate it. lol
  5. Just get a screen...

    I think most of those cheap cellphone ear bud handsfree things that hang usually have a screen in them.

    Mine broke I tossed it before I though to try an burn the screen to see if it'd clean up to smokeable but it'd prolly work well as it looks just like a steel fine vaporizer screen.

    Hell there are probably 2 in your kitchen faucet....
  6. some headshops have those little glass screens. they fit right above the hole so smoke goes in but not the ash.
  7. fuck that. forget the screen, smoke out of it a few times and the resin will take care of it. m glass pipe has a big hole at the bottom (i cracked it while scraping) and it hits like a champ. so what if you get a bit of ash from time to time?

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