Please help me With a dab rig

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  1. Hey guys I'm buying a bong and I wanna take dabs out of it; the joint size is 14mm FEMALE.

    Now I'm trying to find a adaptor but I can't tell which one I need.. Can you guys help me?

    Thanks guys, much appreciated! Smoke on!
  2. What size is your nail and does it fit male or female joints?
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    Your best and cheapest choice from that site is the "simple domeless nail". You could do a dome setup but it would cost you money. This is the cheapest route there. I have the same domeless nail, Its actually my best working domeless nail, but I don't trust any of the materials on that site. It was only a temporary nail. If you were smart, you would buy the domeless i told you about, a 18 mm dome, and a 14 mm male to 18 mm male adapter. Then use the domeless from TAG until you have the chance to go to a Local Head Shop and buy an 18 mm Highly Educated flux nail. Its your cheapest grade 2 choice, and it's by Highly Educated, a trusted company. Buy a legitimate nail for your health in the long run. Find one for less than 60 or just buy it online, it runs for 50 but remember shipping costs.
    I went from the domeless on the site you mentioned to buying all of the adapters, dome and nail at the headshop. The adapters and dome had no price tags when i was in the shop, and when i got to the register i found out they were $35 each... the nail was 54. Do yourself a favor and get the adapters online. They're only $4 there. And the domeless is great to have around, but a dome and nail setup makes everything taste so much better for some reason. If i did it again i'd buy the adapters online but go with the 18 nail.

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