Please help me smoke

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  1. Can't smoke because my moms ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS home! Help!
  2. Well, if you're in school, play a sport. Anytime youre out a few hours late, just blame it on practice.

    . Make some friends with stoners. You can smoke before and after school.

    Start taking long showers. Start with 10 mins, then 15, and so on, increasing every 3 days.

    Last tip, If you have no privacy, you have to move out.

    Btw, only 18+ on GC.

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  3. I'm 18 and a senior ,I work and go home ....don't have a car ...usually use her car ?
  4. What's wrong with doing it after work before you get home?
  5. I can't smoke at home but I will try blazing right after work behind the dumpster . I usually smell like grease after work so I will blow my smoke up and the grease would cover the smell a little hopefully.
  6. Go walk down the road lol
  7. And be sure as hell to put CLEAR RED EYES or muraine eyedrops in... all the other ones are shit
  8. Man she hears everything she. Would hear me open the front door.
  9. yea it's fun walking down the road puffing a joint, makes the experience alot better imo
  10. she would surely hear me open the door and follow in suspicion.
  11. Yeah, it sucks. OH perfect idea. Start "going out for runs" . For the first couple days, actually run. Then you can go out and smoke. Make sure you run back home though, so you're sweating and tired

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  12. I'm ft...she knows damn well I'm not running or walking .
  13. Say you want to change your life around. Actually, why smoke? Start running and eating healtht. Healthy and fit > smoking mj. Not tryna bag on you, just my opinion.

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  14. she found my last vape!
  15. You have a valid point but she will try to run with me one day and notice that I'm tired as shit because I haven't been running but blazing!
  16. Why not both? I love running when stoned. Makes it feel pleasurable for me.
  17. I'm just going to smoke after work and go home and go right to the shower!
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    Aww bro c'mon. If you really feel you're fat, why not fix it? Its not that hard , im sure you can do it

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  19. let me restate that ...she knows I'm too damn lazy

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