Please help me sex my plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by farmboy, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. Hi all, it has been some years since I last grew and have now bought a 4 acre smallholding with PLENTY of space to grow outdoors. - BUT, I have forgoten how you decide whether a plant is male or female.

    I know the look of the new growth changes but what is the easiest way to identify which is male and female?

    Hope for some help.


    PS. If someone could show me a picture of a male and female plant it would help enormously!

    PPS. Last time I grew, I managed to yeild just over 2 kilos (dry) from 4 plants - hindhu kush. Any good or should I be expecting more?
  2. HIGH All, come on your joking right!!!! It's like riding a bike you never forget!!

    I did a search for Male Female and came up with All this Scroll down to Male and Female jjk0091.

    Too easy.
  3. Thanks for your help,

    the grow cyccle if I remember correctly was 24hrs for 2 weeks, 18hrs for 3 months and the 6hrs for the remainder.

    Pretty strong stuff but it worked. I harvested some of the buds early and got a real heady high, the ones that were left to mature fully left me with a heavy stoned feeling.

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