Please help me quit soda

Discussion in 'General' started by SkinnyHD, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. I have been a heavy coca cola drinker ever since i was a kid. Like up to 4-5 cans a day. In the past year I have cut down to 1 a day. But I have made the decision to quit it. I want to start eating and drinking things that will actually benefit me. I bought two 4 packs of coconut water because I like it a lot and it gives me a little boost much like the soda. I know I can do it as long as I dont give into cravings.. so how would I avoid doing that? It can be really hard to be honest.

  2. Have a cup of coffee instead, what you're craving is the caffeine.
  3. Try reducing the ammount you consume gradually Drink 3/4 a can/day for a week then drink 1/2 the next week, then 1/4 the next until you can stop.

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    I want to quit drinking things with a lot of caffeine
    If I have a cup of coffee I wouldn't do it everyday
    There's your first mistake. Everyone knows Pepsi is better.
  6. Try green tea - mildly caffeinated and good for you.
  7. If you're down to one can a day then you've already quit
  8. Bro its an addiction you have to break, shit I haven't had a soda in almost 2 years and I'm a youngin

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  9. it is progress, but that shit is nothing but hfcs in a can. If i stopped completely id be doing myself a huge favor.
  10. Some people are so weak willed.

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  11. 1Open the faucet.
    2Drink water.

    Quit being a pussy before you become a corporate blowjobing fat diabetic fuck.

    :laughing: sorry man toughh love
  12. I was hooked on pop for the longest time, and it wasn't because of the caffeine, more the taste of the carbonated syrup that came from it. I weened myself by switching to carbonated water. 
  13. I completely kicked my diet coke habit in August. I just decided one day that 4 cans a day was enough and bam, next day no more. Now I did allow myself a Sprite or Gingerale once a week just because I loved the bubbles but now that I'm on brain meds, all pop tastes gross anyways.
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    you ever sucked dick for soda?

  15. @[member="SkinnyHD"]

    Fuck man.. Are you skinny??

    I better start drinking coke...
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    I used to drink so much pop, including mountain dew.. like a ton. But I decided to quit and now I'm drinking milk, chocolate milk, Hawaiian punch, juices like apple, grape. And the occasional alcohol. But I feel so much better and healthier now than when I was drinking like 6-7 cans of mountain dew a day.
    Edit: oh, and LOTS of water
  17. at first i thought this was brilliant satire related to the propaganda posters cball likes to call out.

    But youre serious. i mean come on man its soda. is it that hard to just not buy it and drink water? go cold turkey and deal with it imo
  18. Everyone stop saying "pop". Fo real.

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