Please help me put the finishing touches on my Grow Box! (Stealth/DWC Hydroponics)

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by ThornHail, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Alright guys, I've been doing some research lately and I've decided to go through with my stealth grow.

    I've constructed a box that is represented here in a drawing:


    I drew a picture because I feel this would make it easier to see all of the specs. Plus it's currently buried in my secret closet tunnel. This is a brief overview of my SUPREME STEALTH MEASURES:




    In the last picture you can see the box on the back left with the double hinged door folded up and opened. Also the push-light on top of the enclosure.

    I'm happy with my plan but I still have a little ways to go in terms of preparation. I'm going to do a DWC Hydroponics grow and I'm going to start with only two plants. Throughout their grow I'm going to be doing some Stress Training with some yarn so the plants will fit and have some nice buds

    Anyways, the back of the box is up against the wall that will have a hole to vent air out of.

    BUT, if someone could tell me everything that i need and where I should put it in my box, I would be very appreciative. I haven't found many articles on DWC grows inside of a box like mine, but I'm confident I can pull it off.

    Where should everything be placed inside my box? I've already determined that I will put a two plant reservoir (probably a tupperware) in the center along with a tetra air pump on the right. I am also going to line the inside of the box with mylar. Currently the box is completely empty. When I have all of the info I need as to what should go where, I will dig the box back out and proceed to modify it further.

    I had the same thread over at RIU and it doesn't seem that many people are much help :( So, THANK YOU FOR ANY REPLIES!

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