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  1. Alright so, the other night I had popped 4 blue astronaut pills (they were double stacks). The roll was really good at first, but then some crazy shit started to happen. A friend and I went outside to smoke a cigarette, and i started seeing crazy shit. I saw a little white dog hanging in the tree by a leash. I saw little like toy helicopters flying around in the sky, I saw some little kids playing around in my backyard, and some weird shit around the telephone polls they were like wrapping around it and unwrapping really fast, and had like lights on the end of them. But that's not all... As if I was not freaked out enough, once i went inside i started seeing transparent ghost type things. They were all chillin out in my living room and shit, so I went and grabbed the camera quick style. Once the camera flashed they all fucking dissapeared, so i went and look in my room, and saw some big mother fucker chillin on my bed waving at me. So i walked towards him and he just dissapeared. It was a crazy fucking night though. I'm just curious as to what you think was in these pills... NOTHING like this has ever happened while doing E. Please give me your opinions. Serious people only please.
  2. Well, I guess i should have looked at There are multiple reports of people saying that they hallucinated off of them, but that shit was a trip. A couple people are saying that they have 2-cb in them, I'm not quite sure though. I have never rolled like that before.
  3. huh that is freaky shit!!

    well i had this pill laced with meth, it was more like 90 % meth and 10 % mdma
    and i start seeing death, i see skeletons, and it was freaky shit

    then other one was laced with pcp
    wow, i mean wow, ure happy but when u talk, u talk like sayin FUCK THIS, FUCK THAT, FUCK U PIECE OF SHIT and so forth

    that was funny experince
  4. This





  5. You





  6. Those pills were bunk, everything you saw was real.

    j/k bro i have no idea
  7. Probly compresssed crack rocks
  8. I'm the retard? Double stacks? Looks like youre the one getting jipped, homey.
  9. crack doesnt make u see shit, prob laced with low grade acid or pcp. one time my friends rolled on some red somethings (dont remember) and they said they saw walls blockin em off at the club, like wallin em in, they both saw the same thing without telling eachother adn had mad struggles movin through the club (more like rave).
  10. it wasnt ecstasy i can tell you that.

  11. read my sig

  12. HAHA Stoner Pwnage
  13. I dont think ill ever do beans again unless im gettin some pussy out of it...cus its the most overrated drug under the sun

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