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Please help me pick one Ive been trying to pick for a month

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ken210, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. By this weeken Im ordering a pipe and Ive been trying to pick for about a month now but I just cant decide.. Im looking for a pipe to thatl be able to getme high off a small amount of herb, and I smoke with my friends alot so something thatl be enough for about 3-4 people (I heard some pipes get REALLY hot when being shared and burn lips) so heres what Ive been tryin to choose from Magnetic Credit Card Pipe - Dutch - , Metal pipe double chamber - Dutch - , Metal Pure Pipe - Dutch - , or Ballpoint Pipe - Dutch -
  2. Get glass bro..
  3. my advice is go with glass.

    if not id say the third one.
  4. Yeah but glass breaks too easily.. I need something thatl last a while and something that I can hide easily
  5. its really not that hard to keep a glass pipe
  6. lol i read through and all said metal, like others, get a glass pipe, you will be much happier, they use strong glass that can take it, not all, but a good quality will have like pyrex or something. When I went to buy my first bowl, the guy behind the counter grabbed it and said "this is the one you want?" and chucked it across the room into a board and didn't break lol... picked up and asked if i still wanted it... lol yep..
  7. i have a few metal pieces, thier nice on the move for thier durability imo, and yea from the 4 you linked id go with the 3rd, simple is usualy best i thinks.

  8. if it was for me i would get the second one but the third one is nice too
  9. look for the budbomb. i love that thing :D
  10. something nobody considered is perhaps you don't care about glass.

    glass is great. if you keep it clean. and smoke tasty weed out of it.

    But if you are just wanting an easy pipe I'd go with one of those regular metal chamber pipes. They do get hot and have a slight taste. But if you are smoking regs and beast it really shouldn't matter too much.

    Those metal ones last. When I was about 16 I was given one that had about 15 years of tokin through it and numerous owners. I gave it away when I stated smokin dank, but as far as I know she is still tokin strong.

    It had a china cap, and kept enough weed inside the chamber for all day. It was all contained and indestructable so I could keep it in my pocket. Much better for me when I was 16.
  11. Original Tobacco Proto Pipe Deluxe

    I would recommend ^^ that if i may suggest, it can also act as a small little stash if you're not into glass. i looked into that sweet pipe for the same amount of time you did before i ended up getting a small spoon as a gift from a friend and building my own inline based on Kalec's instructions. I STILL want to get that thing.
  12. Dugout glass chillum maybe wood or stone. The metal taste really bothers me.

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