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  1. Ok so my situation is that I smoke 4 times a day on average, OUTSIDE only.... I currently just use a one hitter and dry grass which I am fine with but I feel like at 32 years old eventually my lungs will start to feel the damage. I do not smoke in my car or in my house.
    The point is that I do not have time to be cleaning this weekly and "packing" it needs to be VERY easy (like a one hitter, which i can pack, hit and bounce within 30 seconds)
    Cost does not matter.
    I also hear that you can buy an oil cartridge on some of these vapes and literally take 300 hits out of it before changing the cartridge and theres virtually no mess or maintenance.
    I do not have any interest in wax or a vape for dry herb as i find that its easier to pack and hit a one hitter on the regular than a vape, which would need to cleaned with more amount of time than i have.
    Basically im looking for a vape that requires little maintenance and can be packed and hit and beat out in record time.

  2. MFLB is the only way to go!!
    its potable..super easy to use..and clean up is quick!!!
    atleast with the MFLB you have the option of smoking in the car or house because theres no smell besides a faint popcorm smell(which i only smell every once in a while)
  3. Sounds like MFLB is the closes thing to finding what you want.  However the consistency of your grind has to be quite fine so that will add to loading time.
    But please, you don't have 2-3 minutes a week to clean your piece?  That's a load of crap I don't care how busy you are.
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    Why spend $150 on mflb when you can get an arizer solo for same price on ebay! new model m1d can be used while charging! A real vape
    MFLB.a wooden box with a copper wire connecting both ends of the battery with screen laying on wire which heats up.No heat control.
    Arizer Solo, Size of redbull can, Adjustable heat settings, thick vape get blazed off one stem like .25 grams or less.
    Vapir no2 -$80 on ebay, much better than mflb but larger. Has controlled settings.
    Desktop vapes : Extreme Q , Silver surfer vape , etc.
    If you want, get the dragon lite launch box, even though it maybe crappy as hell its $30 and does what mflb does. Same concept even if MFLB is better Sorry guys the MFLB may be great to some, Just not for me . Too expensive for materials and concept.
    Or if you have some cash, buy a pax.
    Vape like a sir.

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