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Please help me pass my drug test - have to take tomorrow.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by therippachiefa, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. My mom randomly wants to test me and the last time I smoked was yesterday. Smoked about 1 and 3/4 bowls out of a incredibowl. She wants to use an at home urinary test. I have passed these before, but usually I was take 4 cranberry azos a day for 5-7 days and I'd be good. But since I've only known 1 day in advance, I'm kind of worried. What can I do? I already started taking azos and drinking water. Tomorrow I plan on going to my local head shop and buying something that will supposedly give me a 5 hour window of being clean? Has anyone heard of something like this? Will it work? I appreciate and thank any legitimate knowledge.
  2. Work out, and drink GALLONS of water/cranberry juice ALL NIGHT. No joke, my friend smoked 3-4 hits from a G bong, an passed the next day.
  3. You're fucked, don't smoke all day tomorrow and piss and drink that shit as much as you can.
  4. ^I know I'm not fucked, I've heard of people passing tests even by smoking that day.. not sure how. I just need more information on these "few hour window of being clean" products. If anyone knows anything about them.
  5. You're fucked.

    All you can do is hope the Drug test doesn't work properly.

    You will not be able to completely get rid of weed in your system in a day.
  6. I did not smoke today. I smoked yesterday. I will take the test tomorrow.

    I took 6 cranberry azos today and drake a over a gallon of water, easily.
  7. Hope it all works out, just get active and drink alot of fluids.
  8. Key bit there..."Heard of people."

    Do you know anyone personally that has pissed in front of you, and proceeded to pass the test "high as a muthafucka?" No, probably not...Dilution is your only option, plenty of threads, use search...I'm high and don't feel like explainin' shit.:cool:
  9. Get clean piss off a friend or family member... all this logic people are telling is complete bull shit. Even Manswers said the only 100% way to pass a drug test is to get clean piss from some one else.

  10. Have I personally watched someone? No..but, I have smoked with someone and then he got tested that day and said he drank some stuff from a smoke shop that gave him a 5 hour window to be clean. I'm very skeptical is why I'm asking all of this.
  11. The funny thing is...That when, well, 'if' you actually search this...You'll find the sticky that is plastered to the top of the page that explains everything in detail.:cool:

  12. Yeah, I skimmed through it before I made this thread, I just wanted a few direct opinions ^_^
  13. Bump.

    Really need more info on this before I go to the head shop tomorrow.
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    In my opinion, you have absolutely no chance of passing with your own piss. You just can't rinse enough out in one day; maybe if you had a couple weeks. One day just isn't long enough. Get a buddy to piss clean for you or pick up some quick fix from the headshop.
  15. Eh, those "cleansing drinks" don't work very well, no matter how long you have. There is a margin of error with drug tests, especially home tests. Your buddy probably just got lucky and pulled a false negative; it can happen. In fact I'd say it's a lot more likely than the drink working.

    Seriously, if that stuff really worked don't you think drug testing would be a moot point? Who wouldn't pick up a $5 drink to pass their test? And synthetic urine wouldn't even exist, with how expensive it is, and what a pain in the ass it is to keep at the right temp. On the other hand, you might be able to flush if you get just the right amount of nician (and amp up the creatine to mask it but that's only a problem in a lab test), and use enough bladder irritant (and enough vitamins to recolor it), exercise enough, and then get no exercise at all, to bring down the circulating THC to a passable level. But you need way longer than a day to do this and it's extremely risky.

    Seriously, substitution is your only option at this point.

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