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Please help me out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by atasteofawesome, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I am currently taking ua's and I have recently smoked syn soft last night. I got pressured into it from a guy who is in the army who gets drug tested and he says it doesn't show up on his. I take just a typical free urine test and my next one is in 11 days and I am really freaking out. Tell me I am safe please..
  2. You'll be fine, most likely
  3. My question is will smoking syn show up on a urine test
  4. wwhat is syn?
  5. synthetic marijuana will NOT show up on your test because it doesn't have THC.

    Also, stay above the influence, don't let some army guy pressure you into anything.
  6. Synthetic. And no your fine EXCEPT your insides which are probably crying and asking you Why? Why OP did you put that synthetic shit in here... GAH!
  7. That being said, synthetic marijuana is HORRIBLE for you and I would strongly suggest not doing it again.
  8. Whats syn? Are you talking about that synthetic bud?
  9. Oh, syn as in synthetic. I thought you were talking about hitting out of a SYN piece or something lol.
  10. Synthetic weed or k2. I believe the herb is called damiana
  11. And I know it's horrible I had to try it once. Just really scared cuz if I fail this test my life will be over.
  12. like I said, you'll be fine, relax.
  13. the chem in syn weed is jhw, they dont test for it in standard drug tests, youll be fine
  14. #16 ToTheDome, Aug 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 3, 2011
    Synthetic was pretty much made for people who are:

    A) on probation

    B) About to take a drug test or have to take a regular drug test.

    If you dont fall into one of those two categories and you still smoke spice your flippin retaded.


    Sobriety > Spice

    EDIT:EDIT: Each time i see a spice thread i have to say, I made a Thread on why NOT to smoke spice including helpful links and everything and it got shut down like 5 posts in...

    and this one lives on.
  15. Ok I take a free standard urine test in 11 days so I should be good right?

  16. Do you not know how to fucking read? I've said it 3 times now, YES YOU'LL BE FINE!
  17. spice is good imho, very strong body high, kinda harsh but its like high mids and im on probation so... BUT i smoked a joint of it and felt like my head had this screaming white noise in it. very scary....

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