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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by t1seditionist, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. hey
    im thinkin about buying seeds online....

    i saw that canadian site
    in the one thread

    but i want to know if anyone in here (lives in us)
    has bout seeds and not gotten caught

    cuz i want to buy em real bad but im kinda scared to

    cuz if they find em at customs wont they come for me????

    can some one help me out with this??????
  2. 99.7% of seeds coming from Canada get thru with no problems. Canadian mail into the US doesn't go thru customs, just US Postal Screening. Most of the time they come thru OK, the rest of the time the seeds get squished by the postal sorting machines.

    If they do get caught which happens very infrequently, the USPS will send a letter to your address saying that someone from another country attempted to send you an illegal item that has been confiscated. That's the worse that I have seen since I've been bying seeds.
  3. hey go to and you can get seeds there for practically free, just $3, and its safe. Im getting some soon this week in the mail.

  4. how safe is this?????
    let me know when they come and tell me howit worked out....

    it said in the faq section "dont use your real name or the adress where you plan to grow"

    how do you get it shipped to you then?????

    also the one guy said the worst they would do is send you a letter saying that someone tried to send you seeds....

    is that all they will do?????
  5. if you plan on growing a couple hundred plants, its not a good idea to use your real name and address of where you want a bunch of seeds sent to.

    But If you are growing a couple for your personal use, you can have them sent to your address.

    I have never seen a post in 3 years where the feds busted down a door because someone had 10 seeds sent to their house.

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