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  1. Hey guys just need some experienced heads to look over these plans and tell me what you think. All measurements revolve around size of the system, # of plants, and cost issues so any measurement or timing issue is for you to figure out. Thanks for any help. I want feedback on this...If you hate it tell me why, if you think you got a better way for something to be set up tell me. Even if it has nothing to do with this post how you feel you freaky bastards.....thanks
    The instructions and plans are numbered for you stoned fuckers!!!


    Cut four small holes in the bottom of each cup

    Cut two lengths of 1/4" thick nylon cord 9 inches long and place them
    crosswise in the bottom of the cups in a criss cross pattern. Make sure
    the rope hangs an equal length out of each hole

    Cut 2"x2"x1.5" rockwool blocks down so that they fit the bottom half of each cup

    Fill the rest of the cup with this soil mix.
    1 bag cow manure
    1 bag potting soil (no chemicals)
    1/2 bag sand
    2 cups bone meal
    2 cups blood meal
    \t 1/2 gallon chicken manure
    1/2 cup bat guano
    1 cup lime
    1 cup worm castings
    1/2 cup kelp juice

    (all these things can be found at a Home Depot or Wal-Mart)
    Plant your germinated seeds or treated clones right into the soil, wet and forget.



    Take the lid of the tuperware container and cut the holes according to the cup/pot size
    you plan on using. You want the cup to sit about half way into the tuperware container.
    Also, make sure the sides of the cup are as tight to side of the hole in the lid as



    Take the actual tuperware container and drill a 1/4" hole in the top of one short side,
    3/4's the way up on one long side, and one on the bottom on the opposite end as the first

    Attach drip valve to the hole on the bottom of the tub. To do this use a clear silicon

    Attach overflow hose to the hole in the middle of the side of the tub(2/3's the way up
    the side of the tub). Also use silicon caulk for this.

    Fill the tub with grow rocks. You want to fill the tub up to the top of the overflow

    Be sure to raise the end opposite the drip valve 1" for every 30" length of the tub.


    Attach the drip tube to the valve.

    Drill two holes into the short side of the top of the cooler. These holes should
    be drilled opposite the drain hole on the bottom of the cooler.

    Using silicon caulk seal the ends of the drainage and overflow hoses into the two
    holes you just drilled into the top of the cooler.

    Place the aerator and aquarium heater into the cooler. Test your system for actual
    settings for good water quality.(72 degrees f. and plenty oxygen)



    The water filter and pump are a little difficult so try to stay with me here.
    Filter Supplies:
    (1) 7" piece of 2-2.5" diameter p.v.c. tubing
    (1) 6" piece of 1-1.5" diameter p.v.c. tubing
    (2) caps that fit your larger p.v.c. pipe
    (1) piece of white industrial foam 1/4-1/2" thick
    7" wide x 9" long

    Tools needed:
    Power drill
    1/4" drill bit
    1/16" drill bit
    1/32" drill bit
    hacksaw, jigsaw


    1) Use the 1/16" bit and the power drill to drill eight sets of four holes by drilling
    straight through the 2" p.v.c. in rows of four, four times.

    2) Use the 1/32" drill bit to drill four sets of four holes through the 1" p.v.c.

    3) Size and cut the white industrial foam to the right size to wrap all the way around
    small p.v.c. pipe. Wrap it around the pipe and be sure to plug the hole in the
    end with a small chunk of foam, however be sure to leave one end open. Fit this
    whole unit into the large peice of p.v.c..

    4) Cap the end of the large p.v.c. and affix it with some silicon caulk.

    5) Drill a 1/4" hole in the other cap of the large p.v.c.. This is where it could get
    tricky. You are probably going to have to splice the water line coming from the
    cooler.(or you could just plop the filter right down into the cooler from the side)
    Cut the intake end of the water pump off the line giving about 17" of hose left
    on the intake end.

    6) Lead the hose throught the hole in the second cap and affix this cap to the large
    p.v.c. pipe so that the hose is hanging out one end.

    7) Place the filter unit into the bottom of the cooler and lead the tubing throught the
    spigot hole on the end at the bottom. Be sure to seal this hole extremely well as it
    could result in a very wet grow space.

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  3. Sounds good but complicated...if you've got any specific ?s send me a pm...and remember it's still just a weed.

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