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  1. Hi all,been a while
    I have a mg problem,and according to the excelent guide on this forum,it seems that iv'e probably killed my last 2 grows due to using epsoms when it might have originated with a ph problem.
    I usually try epsoming 1tsp/litre.....then they get worse.

    They are a few weeks old,and were going great guns-really lush, on formulex+70% ro water up to about ec 1.25 I then switched to sensi grow 2-part and upped to 1.3,and the oh-so farmiliar problems started.

    They have been on 1.1 ec for 3 days now and seem to be getting worse.
    I stupidly(b4 reading on this forum) sprayed both sides of leaves with epsoms 24 hrs ago,and the edges are turning brown today.

    Ph was around 5.5 at the time.

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  2. Hey bro,

    Couple of things - pick up some CalMag if you believe you have a MG problem. Epsom salts might be a good solution in a pinch for some, me I stay away from the 'home remedy' shit when it comes to hydro.... for soil, sure, I'll use grandma's recipe for solving problems...but with hydro, I stick to store bought nutes.

    So pick up some CalMag...

    Raise your pH to 5.8... ideal range is 5.8-6.0 (if you can keep it there, which you should be able to with RO water fairly easily)

    CALIBRATE YOUR EQUIP! Make sure your pH and EC pens are cleaned and calibrated. Nothing worse than getting a reading that your pH is 5.5 when in reality it's 6.5! :)

    With the above - you should be equipped to ride these ladies out to the end. If you begin to see Cal/Mag issues, just add in 5ml per gal of CalMag and things will settle down for ya.

    Good luck!

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