Please help me - my seedlings need to be transplanted - soil question

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  1. Hi

    I really need to transplant my seedlings to bigger pot. They been in smaller cups for too long.

    The only soil I have available to me is Happy frog organic potting soil and bag of perlite. I know that it is much advisable to cut happy frog with something else. D you think I can use perlite to do that and if yes. What is the percentage I should be cutting with. 50 - 50 or something other?

    Thank you for your help from people who never fails to give advice.

    Thanks again.
  2. Don't have any nutes. All I got is a happy frog soil and small bag of perlites. Can I mix just those two and transplant my seedlings to a bigger pot?
  3. Yea. I've had no problems putting babies into happy frog. Sometimes I will mix it with light warrior, but it is not as hot as FFOF. You'll be fine putting them in that.
  4. I started mine in happy frog and haven't had any issues. I used happy frog and perlite at a 7:1 ratio. Seems to work well so far.
  5. Awesome. Thank you so much for your help
  6. Joker 7:1 means 70 percent happy frog?
  7. ^7:1 is about 88%/12%

    Personally I use 75% HF and 25% perlite... one 2 cu ft bag of HF is 15 gal, so I would add 5 gal perlite for a total mix of 20 gal. A 3:1 ratio. I used this mix with excellent results.
  8. Not sure are you sure :) ?

    Thank you guys. This helped a lot. They have been transplanted.
  9. Yea, not sure is correct, it amounts to about 12%. I usually use anywhere from 10% to 20% perlite. I just eyeball the first batch of soil I mix then do the rest the same for consistency.
  10. 7:1 is 8 parts total, or about 12% for each part. 3:1 is 4 parts total, or 25% for each part.
  11. Just glad I got confirmation. My seedlings were mishandled like a homeless person by cops in my town. So, at least I know it worked for you guys.

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