Please Help Me Make a Huge Decision

Discussion in 'General' started by 0Kadaj0, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Ok.
    I have been thinking hard about this.

    Right now my situation is that I am on 6 month probation. I am subject to random drug tests. If i make it through this probation period my felony charge will be COMPLETELY wiped off my record.

    Its been 90 days, of the 180, and i havent heard SHIT from any kind of probation place.

    Do I say To hell with this shit and smoke like my first time two times over? (I havent smoked for over 100 days)

    Or just wait it out.

    Please, any kind of response helps.
  2. You're almost there. Why risk it now?
  3. 1000% wait the set my uncle up like that. Never i repeat never trust the law
  4. I say be safe, whats worse, have a felony on your record for life... or be sober for awhile longer. Good luck man
  5. just wwait it....
  6. Just wait it out. Felonies are Very Bad things to have, so don't screw around if you have a chance to wipe it off your record.
  7. I agree, just wait it out, it's absolutely not worth risking it.
  8. Wait it out.
  9. moar masterbation.
  10. Post that in enough threads yet :p:smoking:

    P.s. you must be chaffed like a mother fucker

    Edit: To the OP like everyone else said, just wait it out, 90 days isn't THAT long. GL.
  11. well...i do beat my meat EVERYTIME i smoke becuase whenever i smoke i get a boner.

  12. [​IMG]
  13. Don't fuck with freedom.

  14. exactly my probably about to go back on probation:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: and im gonna have to join team sober aswell....IT SUCKS i hate it but ill tough it out and i think you should too...and think about then of of those 180 days if you dont toke 1 heady bong rip will get you SOO baked
  15. u mean "halfway" there rite
  16. Definitely wait it out. Sometimes they will give you the slack to hang yourself. But on a felony charge I would think you would be on the higher level of probation. Which means you should be tested at least once a month if not more. Were you tested initially when you were first put on it. You should have a at least heard from them once by now. I would seriously call them and find out whats going on. They may have already revoked your probation for something and just haven't gotten around to picking you up yet.. All in all I'd call them and if everything is still ok DONT smoke....

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