Please help me is this P def or Mg def??

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  1. Hi I have this random bagseed, it's sativa dominant I'd say atleast 90% sativa.. and it has been having some problems, first it started showing a lot of darkening on the veins of the leafs now the tips of the leaves are turning brown and flaking away and it's starting to move in blotches up the edges of the leafs I flushed yesterday and it seemed to help a lil bit, its 46 days old from seed it's in organic soil, I know the problem is not the soil, I have many other plants in the same soil and they have not a single problem, I've been using botanicare nutrients pure blend pro grow NPK 3-2-4 15ml in a gallon of water, ph is around 6.8, I think it is a potassium deficiency or possibly Mg deficiency, but I don't know for sure as I have never had this problem.. it's been flowering for 4 days and it's still growing vigorously, I gave it like 1/4 of a gallon of botanicare pro bloom NPK 1-4-5 15ml with a little bit of epsom salt sprinkled in with it.. well here's some pics let me know if I am wrong or right about the P and Mg deficiency... or anything else that might help...

    Here's a pic of what healthy growth is still on it, only the very top fan leafs aren't having this problem

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  2. out of curiosity, are you using tap or RO water for them?
    also, when you say flush, did you run at least twice the amount of water per the containers capacity through it?
  3. It's tap water but I've used it on 3 grows and never had a problem, also I have 13 other plants that get the same treatment, and they don't have this problem.. and honestly I didn't use that much water it was maybe 3 gallons at the most this plant tends to get overwatered easy so i didn't wanna drowned it
  4. i would say do a very good flush with a product such as sledghammer flush and re-build the nutrients in the soil.

    pics look like deficiency, but first you have to make sure it isnt because of toxic salt buildup.
  5. Alright I'm gonna wait a few days and see if what I did helps, if it doesn't I'll do what you said... thanks for the help, more opinions are still welcome though.

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