Please Help Me, im new to this fourm and i Dont wanna get caught smoking

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  1. I have been smoking for a year now, i try to smoke as much as i can in a week, but im broke, dont have a job and still live with my parents. I dont have my own car yet, however once i get one smoking will be alot easier. i live in Ohio and i come from a VERY strict anti weed family. my mom smoked in college and my dad never tried it, my parents told me that if they ever find out ive smoked there gonna kick my ass, however realistically theyll just kill me than hang themselves if they found out, my oldest brother got addicted to cocaine through marajuana, so my parents dont wanna see the same thing happen to me. anyways i need some tips on how not to get caught, i took an old dvd player and hollowed it out and that where i hide all my pipes and weed itself. in my family i need an excuse to even go outside, my house is very big and open, my room is upstairs and outside my room is a balcony looking over my massive family room, where my mom and dad usually spend their nights, because of the way my house is constructed, if you were to mute the TV im sure u could hear all the lighter flicks and bong rips, and my parents room is directly below mine. i have my own bathroom in my room, however my parents dont allow me to use the shower, because its broken, the drain leaks into the basement, my house is also very hard to sneak out of at night, i live with my mom,dad, little brother (10 years old, cant wait to introduce him to weed once he becomes old enough, but still a long time to go)and my dog. so now ive introduced myself and my situation, please give me some tips. if anymore info is needed, please ask
  2. Make a sploof, you can youtube it, or find a tutorial on here
  3. if you have an exhaust fan in your bathroom those work pretty well. use a spoof or sploof or whatever + the exhaust vent and you're all good. just get some visine red eye relief and they won't suspect a thing.. make sure to wash your hands after smoking too, they often times smell and have black shit on them from pushing down bowls... also don't let the bowl roast while you're smoking, put your hand over it to snuff it out after every hit.
  4. Ohio what up!

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