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Please Help me Identify This Vape

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tlaw, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. I just bought this in a local shop and the person working there said it was a "Vaporgenie." Looking at pictures of the Vaporgenie, though, it's clearly not it. It's aluminum and a blueish color, in case it's not clear from the pic. Thanks in advance.

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  2. Looks like an early Vapor Buddy Portable, to be honest. Still pretty good.
  3. Does the end unscrew? Vaporgenies have a bowl where you pack bud, and between that and the lighter there is another compartment that screws on and has a ceramic flame filter to help prevent your green from burning.

    Can't tell exactly what you have there just by the picture. Looks like it could be a chillum-shaped Vaporgenie type of situation.
  4. Yeah, the end unscrews and it has this blackish filter looking thing on it (the end, not the mouthpiece part). In the main pipe when you take the end off there is a small screen over the hole.

    To be honest, it was more of an impulse buy than anything. I use my volcano and I mentioned to that I wished it was portable and they suggested this. I figured, what the hell.

    If I didn't have a batch of bud brownies cooling that I want to try, I'd fire it up right now. :)
  5. Is this the Vapor Buddy Portable you mentioned? The vape I bought doesn't have a bowl or anything that sticks out like that. It's just a small tube about 3-4 inches long and the end unscrews.

  6. No, my friend had an earlier model that they put out a few years back, and it's almost identical to the one in the original picture, and used a cap system instead of a bowl.
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  8. That blue vape^ is basically a vaporgenie. I'm pretty sure the piece you bought will work the same way. Hold the lighter near the end of the cap, inhale slowly (leaving the lighter on) so that the flame just pulls into the end. You'll probably notice the air you inhale is a little warm, and you should exhale a small amount of vapor.

    I have no idea what a budbomb is.
  9. It does look very similar to a Budbomb but not quite. There is no helix inside and both ends don't unscrew. The people in the store seemed very knowledgable about it and about vapes in general, and they've been very helpful on a consistent basis. They were very detailed in their description of using it and I've never had them steer me wrong before. I recall one of them making an offhand comment about it being "fairly new" so that may be why I can't find it online yet. Now I'm really curious though!
  10. mysterious
  11. Definitely. I can't wait to try it out. Hopefully tomorrow! I use a Volcano normally so it will be interesting to compare.

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