Please help me identify my strains

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  1. Well when I was in the seeding stage with 9 plantings, I accidentally knocked over my Rubbermaid tub and mixed them all up. I had 3 seedlings each of white widow, northern lights and aurora from Nirvarna. 2 didn't make it so I have 7 plants about 6 weeks from germinating. Can you identify the strains?
    The 2 plants on the lower right are tomato and squash...

  2. I think the one on the far left is weed.
    Seriously though, I think you might be able to tell when they start flowering. Or if that fails, by taste!
  3. I don't see any there that look like my Northern Lights.Mjmarijuana is nature's way of saying high!
  4. It looks like youve got some kind of issues going on...
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    I know the one in the far right bottom corner....staring at the screen is the white widow.  It grows spidery like that...ive grown it and didnt like it because of the way it grew.  yours kind of look like a tomato plant lol
  6. I think that is a tomatomarijuana is nature's way of saying high!
  7. LOL Tomato and cucumber?
    I think WW usually has a little thinner leaves.
    I think you have a problem though. The edges of the leaves look a little funny and the leaves are curling.

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