Please help me ID this artist

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  1. Hey, i was debating weather to make this thread or not, but my thread doesnt see enough traffic and theres no conversation in the high end/heady thread, and i would really like this piece identified

    Theres no signature on it ANYWHERE

    Heres what i know about it, it was made by an artist in BC about 7-8 yrs ago and apparantly this artist was involved in some kind of relatively serious glass blowing accident and is no longer producing pieces.

    I wish i could offer a better jump off point, but if anyone can ID this for me id be greatly appreciative :)




    Hopefully someone will recognize the work?
  2. ...sorry i cant help you, but that piece looks sick as fuck:smoke:
  3. Looks like stuff by SmokeNFire glass shop in BC.
  4. bump.. anyone else?
  5. i don't recognize it, but i'm glad i saw it. that's an amazing bowl! how much did that run you?
  6. Well i was told it was $250 when it was purchased from the artist 7 years ago.. but i traded a half q for it :smoke:

  7. an eighth?
  8. Yeah.. whatever you call it lol.. 3.5gs of dank $30
  9. you got a nice ass deal.
  10. Oh i know that... i just wish i could find out who made it so i can tell people lol
  11. I wouldn't worry so much about telling people who it was made by. It was more than likely made by some glassblower without a real name in the industry, if that makes sense. And considering reversals, wig wags, and the kind of line work is common, along with galaxy work, so it would be hard to say who did it, because it is not that unique as far as the work.

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