Please help me I am a new 1st time grower.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Yungex, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. I am having issues with my plants. I'm not sure if they are coming in upside down. I also have another one that I believe is doing well however any input would be welcomed.

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  2. for first timers I suggest a soil grow first

    flush with clean fresh ph'ed water

    no nutes for 36 hours

    then re feed at 50% less for 10 days

    then continue as normal

    good luck
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  3. You should've started out with soil until you learned how to grow the plant. There are two parts to this. The grow setup and tending the plant. One is no good without the other. A new grower has no idea what he's doing to start with and then to have to deal with figuring out how to operate a hydro system and not fry your plants without even knowing about the plant and how it grows, usually just makes for a disastrous first run. Now and again you'll see someone new who starts one up and does great with it, but believe me, that is NOT the norm. I can't help you because I don't care for hydro-grown weed, honestly. I've been pro soil since day 1. It's got a fake chemical taste to it IMO, because it's never known real growth and has been tended and kept fed with only chemicals. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with them at all and if I can find no other, I'm happy to get hydro weed. But there is a difference. You need to grow you a couple of plants in some good formulated grow soil just to get an understanding of the plant. TWW
  4. You are Hijacking this members thread

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