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  1. Ok. I have met this girl that I really like. She is beautiful, kind, funny, and smart. Basically the whole package. I need idea's on what to do and how to play it I don't wanna fuck it up. I am a perfect gentleman and I know I can show a girl a good time. I really want a relationship with her she is amazingly perfect. She said she likes sushi so I will take her to the nicest sushi place in the area tomorrow but I need more advice on how to handle situation and what I should plan for after sushi.
  2. Oh yea important info is that she is 18 and I am 21. So I really can't take her to any bars lol.
  3. Wait, aren't you the guy who's always telling people not to worry about relationships and how it's so cool to just fuck bitches whenever you want? :p

    Maybe just ask her "hey, can I stick my dingaling in your hoo-ha?" and see how it goes. :D
  4. Meh, just go with the flow. Be yourself, dont think too much.
  5. :laughing: OMG yes! LMFAO!

    Also STA, if you're the "perfect gentlemen" you say you
    are, you really should have no problem being yourself
    and hoping she's satisfied with that.

    Just go with it, hope she's feeling the vibes, and chill.

  6. She's 18? Get real instead of getting sushi.
  7. Fuck sushi....go hiking somewhere beautiful......take a picnic....sounds silly but shit like that is what you remember.....
  8. Oh yeah baby, it's different when the shoe is on the other foot. She has taken you down with the cooch and you haven't even gotten it yet. :D I just giggled.
  9. Maybe invite her over to your place to make sushi together? Get everything ull need for the sushi (It's really easy to make em urself and if you don't know how just check YouTube :D ), nice white wine, condoms.. Whatever u need :)
    Just make sure u talk to her first and ask her if she would be interested this "cooking together experience" :)
  10. lol she said "ding a ling" & "hoo hah"
  11. Except I actually like this girl. I am not just tryin to get my DW with this one. She is like the perfect girl. I can't let this one pass up and yea I do think it's ok to fuck bitches whenever you want as long as you aren't in a relationship which I am not but wanna be in with her. Please give me real advice?
  12. the new generation like the blitz and the glam, go to the restaurant be SUPER romantic, get her flowers, listen to her, watch her, read the signals
  13. We chilled last night. We went to this party then came back to my place where we just lied in my bed and listened to music. I had my arm around her and ladies can I ask you something? She said something interesting that may be a hint. She said that she thinks guys only wanna fuck her and guys don't like her. I told her thats insane and how could guys not want such a smart, kind, and beautiful girl. I think that made her happy. I didn't try nothing on the bed cuz I am being a gentleman. I just hope it all works out cuz I really like her. I am willing to wait to do stuff because just hanging with her is awsome. For me to find such a perfect chick is awsome and I just don't wanna screw this up. LADIES PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE. I really like this chick a lot. This really isnt just some girl I am trying to fuck I want a real meaningful relationship.
  14. somebody is in love here i think :) good luck pal :D

  15. Alright. I'm a girl. Let me call upon the vagina Gods and come up with something constructive.

    First of all, if what she says is true (that most guys try to just fuck her), then take things slow. Be romantic, as she probably hasn't experienced being romanced. Don't take her out to restaurants because, as mentioned previously, it's not memorable enough. Since hanging out with her is fun enough, do something that involves an activity, such as cooking together or going on a trail while blazing.

    More importantly, don't over analyze. There's no point. If you want her to like you and want a chance at an actual relationship, you have to be yourself.
  16. Be your self, Be patient to get laid, it's bad if you just wanna do the relationship fast,take her to that sushi place,surprise her
  17. I would give you advice but after some of the offensive things you've said about women I don't know if you really deserve a girl who's worth something.
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    Ok then why not just not come in this thread. I have reasons for what I say cuz of past relationships. And honestly if you're not gonna help then just don't post. I really like this girl and am looking for advice not flaming. And btw when I like a chick I treat her right so you really shouldn't say things like that when you know nothing about me. If a girl deserves respect than I give it to them and this girl 100% deserves a lot of respect.
  19. I TOLD you to take her up in Nature....spend the day...see some beautiful things....have no distractions...picnic with a nice bottle of wine...and hit a bowl ...real'll learn one day...Im a female....and I know this will be MUCH better than dinner at some

  20. But you don't know me, nor do you know half of the girls you insult, yet you still say hurtful and downright mean things to and about us. I'm sorry if i find it hard to give advice to a guy who has admitted to treating girls like they are inferior.

    And I'm not flaming, just seeing why you thought you were worthy of advice from the same sex you so often flame.

    But if you really like her and she deserves the best, ask her what she loves to do, then go from there. If she gives one of those girl answers (i.e. "I don't know" or "anything") then let her know what you think would rock her world and see what her reaction is. I wouldn't take her hiking, she could be like me and HATE walking up a fucking mountain. You could try doing something you like to do, and let her know why you love it. That way she gets to see more of you and what you love to do.

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