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Please help me find a plazma bong...

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by KaiZey, May 18, 2016.

  1. I reali need one lol my partner reali wants one... N I want to get him one...

  2. Plasma bong? Perhaps you mean acrylic bong? As in the cheaper, shatterproof, non-glass variety? I've never heard of a plasma bong, so I can only assume this is what you're referring to. If that is the case, they're kinda everywhere, headshops, gas stations, smoke shops, every internet ordering site. I'm sure even GC's front page shop probably has some more than serviceable ones if you check. Hope this helps!

  3. Thanx but this picture is what it is lol

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  4. Dunno but that looks fuckin rad haha
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  5. Omg I know right haha my man soooo wants it lol...
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  6. Most plasma bongs are one of a kind items that someone made. Cheech Glass made some and they sold for $700+ No idea if they still make them or if they still have them for sale. Cheech Glass Plasma Bong
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  7. Thank you thy look one of a kind lol...
  8. If you find one, it's likely going to cost a few thousand dollars.
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  9. Strattman Design contact these people and see if they do custom orders and if they would be willing to make one
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  10. I think Its just sitting on something that makes it look like that.
  11. Thank you guys for ur in put n help I'll get in touch with strattman designs...
  12. Nah, it's not a magic trick. They do sit on a base for the electronics but it's just like the plasma lamps you see at Spencers or wherever. The bongs have a dual wall design so there's a small space in the glass where the lightning occurs.
  13. tesla.jpg
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  14. check on for a blower n git a double layer bong blew with internal (between layer) compartment opening inna bottom but main compartment closed at the bottom
    now you need a ball (for a base) and some epoxy also a schrader valve tool and a body and a core you will want a .25" (i think, but it could be 3/8ths cant quite remember)drill bit to tap a hole in the ball base then you need to install a valve in the hole(to pump yer neon in)then you want to graft(epoxy) bong on top of base airtight(id resin it pretty by dying some bondo) now remember that you need to stress to your blower no between compartment contamination is acceptable(otherwise yer man smokin outta all this gross)now buy neon and pump it in yer schrader valve and a-presto plazma bong at cost
  15. Omg tht seems soooo hard core lol wish kud jus buy it done lol
  16. That is so badass. Coolest bong I've ever seen.
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  17. Same lol I soooo gtta gt it lol

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